The following rules are specific to this "Smackdown" forum. Please note that our general forum rules also remain in full effect in this area.

Smackdown Specific Rules The intent of this forum is to create a stage for meaningful discussion among high-def enthusiasts with differing opinions.

If you choose to participate in the smackdown forum, name calling directed towards an individual or group is strictly forbidden and will be dealt with accordingly. As a forum participant, if you don’t have something meaningful to contribute to a smackdown topic, please refrain from posting.

NEW RULES - New rules will be listed at the top of this thread and may not be Smackdown specific - Please review them!

ALL political threads are hereby banned from this site. I don't care what it has to do with the price of tea in China... if you start a political thread, you will be instantly banned for 3 days... and your second offense will result in a permanent ban from this site.

Users of the Smackdown forums are now limited to 2 new threads per forum per day to help keep the Smackdown area cleaner. This is in response to the numerous complaints from users looking for more organized lively debate. There have been times when certain members have felt that posting half a dozen similar topics a day was appropriate. Keep it within existing threads if possible.

Standard Smackdown Specific Rules

(1) As stated in our general rules, direct attacks of any individual or group of people are strictly prohibited! Here are some examples of what is and is not acceptable:

Acceptable: Your format is GARBAGE, and here is why... (then provide qualified response)
Unacceptable: ____ format supporters are all a bunch of idiots! (This is a generalization with no qualified response)

Note that in the example above, the important difference is that attacking the format is acceptable, while attacking its supporters is not. If you still have questions as to what is okay, and what is not... please PM a moderator, and we will help you sort it all out.

Attacks on a poster's spelling, grammar and/or reading abilities are also strictly prohibited. Please respect that while English is the only language allowed on this forum, it is not the first language of all our members.

(2) Many topics & statistics have already been discussed, debated, turned upside down, inside out, re-analyzed, and re-securitized multiple times. With that said, we encourage you to please use our search feature before you begin a topic. Take note we are working on creating “Master Threads” for topics that tend to come up a lot. These are the only areas where you may post about a frequently discussed topic. To keep things neat, all other posts that belong in “Master Threads” will be moved, or deleted.

(3) Threads that contain format bashing in their title will be removed without warning. One example would be:

"10 reasons why _____ format sucks!"

These type of topics are HIGHLY unproductive and simply fuel other unproductive threads and dialog.

(4) Threads started for the sole intention of challenging another member are not allowed. This forum is for discussion and debate directly related to the two formats, *not* discussion of other members.

(5) Personal attacks against other members are not permitted under any circumstances. If you observe a personal attack (or feel personally attacked yourself), please do NOT fuel the situation by responding -- use the 'Report Post' icon at the top of every post, and appropriate action will be taken against the offender.

DO NOT quote personal attacks, and do not respond in kind with your own counter-attack (the first post is a problem, and any response -- however well intentioned -- compounds it).

(6) Trolling is not allowed. Posts that say absolutely nothing (and/or are intended simply to provoke other people) will be removed, and action will be taken (i.e. 1st troll post = warning, second troll post = 1 point... see 'Warning System' below)
Quote Originally Posted by example of trolling
Your format sucks!
There is no substance to this post, and it does nothing but make you look silly. If you have facts or ideas to share, we encourage you to do so. If all you want to say is how much you hate the other format... DON'T!

(7) Avoid excessive uses of CAPS, colored Text and Huge Font Sizes, do not post in l337 (i you don't know what it is... don't worry about it) and Do Not Capitalize The First Letter Of Every Word. These just serve to make people think you are craving attention. Well written prose in standard text is far more persuasive and will get your point across more clearly.

(8) The moderating staff is changing the way that we handle infractions to a Progressive Warning System. We used to initially send out a friendly PM, explaining 'you can't do that'... and get more stern from there.

Here is the new 'Warning System':
This is a point based system --- the worse the infraction, the more points you will accrue
  • 1st offense: Warning message sent.
This warning will often be exactly that... a warning. You will typically not receive any points for your first offense. This is subjective, however -- if your infraction is bad enough, you may receive your first 'point' with this initial warning (BTW, points are bad). Keep in mind, warnings are like 'fix-it tickets'. There isn't anything being done about the problem, we are simply telling you it's time to calm down. If you choose not to listen, however, you may find yourself progressing down the list.
  • Second offense: Point added and/or posting privledges suspended.

If your first infraction was a warning, your second will result in a 'one point infraction'... but if your first warning was something that merrited a point, your second infraction will result in a short suspension (usually 1-7 days). This is time for you to cool off, and get things back into perspective. This is not 'life and death'... it's a format war. Calm down.
  • Third offense: Suspension from the site.
If you receive a third infraction, you will be suspended from the site, typically for a longer period of time (7-30 days).
  • Fourth offense: Banning from this site.
Our goal is to help you correct the problem before you get to this point.

There are a few items that will receive an instant 1 week (or more) suspension from the site. These include, but are not limited to:
  • Hate speech of any kind (be it race, sexual preference, or gender).
  • Attacking a moderator.
  • Willful, and flagrant disregard for other members.
  • Intimidation or even hints of physical violence (example: "why don't you come over to my house and say that to me in person, if you're man enough") This includes attacks made via PM.

In summary:
  • 1st minor offense: Warning message sent.
  • 2nd offense (or first major offense): Point added and/or posting privledges suspended.
  • 3rd offense: Temporary suspension from the site.
  • 4th offense: Permanent Ban from the site.

Points will accrue on a rolling 180 day period. What does that mean? It means that if you receive an infraction, you will be 'on watch' for 6 months. If you are good for 179 days, and then make a mistake... the 6 months start all over again.

(9) Sock-puppet policy:
It is currently against the rules for members of this site to misrepresent themselves as another member. We are making changes to our discipline policy to ensure that this does not become a problem.

General Forum Content: If a member is caught misrepresenting themselves as another poster (a sock-puppet), depending on the circumstances, he/she will be punished up to and including being permamanently banned.

This offense includes:
  • Creating multiple accounts to make it appear that more people share your point of view.
  • Creating a second... third... or more account to avoid receiving multiple infraction points.
  • Smackdown Area: Using a sock-puppet in the smackdown area, simply as a means to break the 'Smackdown Area Specific Rules' (attacking other members intentionally).

(10) No more 'Baiting':
All members are free to express their opinion on these boards, and others have a right to disagree. The line is crossed when one member insults another member (intentionally or unintentionally) by posting things like "that post is garbage"... or "what the hell were you thinking".

If you disagree with another person's post, refute it with facts. If you don't like the way they type up their thoughts, don't read them. If you think someone has their head in a dark smelly place, avoid them at all costs.

We are making a change to the way that we handle this issue. Now, not only will members who post directed attacks (any post directed at a person, or group) receive an infraction, so will members who are intentionally baiting them. These 'baiters' are not providing anything to the forums, and are just causing problems.

(11) No 'Necro-threading':

Some of you may ask, "What is 'necro-threading, and how do I know if I am doing it?" Well, here is a brief rundown.

Any post, that is made in a 'dead thread' (a thread that has gone without a new post for 1 month or more), with the intent of starting the arguement up again, will receive an infraction. There will be no warnings for this, because THIS is your warning. DO NOT use this as a way to flame other members of this site. Note, there will be exceptions for new information just released as it specifically relates to old subjects, but not if that information is used purely to flame other members.

(12) Posting Limits
Users of the Smackdown forums are now limited to 2 new threads per forum per day to help keep the Smackdown area cleaner. This is in response to the numerous complaints from users looking for more organized lively debate. There have been times when certain members have felt that posting half a dozen similar topics a day was appropriate. Keep it within existing threads if possible.

By posting in the Smackdown, you are signifing that you understand these rules, and agree to follow them. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me, or any other member of the moderating staff.

If you have issues with the moderation of this board please contact jed (the site's publisher), and your complaint will be investigated appropriately. We have a system of checks and balances in place to ensure fairness. Do not attempt to air your grievances about moderation publicly or it will be viewed as an attack on the moderators (which will receive an immediate suspension of posting privledges).


If you see posted content that breaks these Smackdown-specific rules or the general rules of this forum, you can easily report it by clicking the "" button that appears above each post. Your report will then be sent to the appropriate mod.