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Default An explanation of HD-DVD owner feelings...

It's not enough for the HD-DVD camp to lose, but now there is hate coming from all corners. Hate at Sony for buying the industry, Hate at Microsoft for not doing what it took, Hate at Warner for picking sides and Hate at the Blu-ray owners for being Blu-ray owners.

People are calling for Boycotts, demanding trade-in promotions, and saying that they will never embrace High Def media because their format lost.

I submit to you, that I have found out where all these people came from.

They are all just haterz, not the ones voting with their wallets, just their Bias.

But wait! I have proof! I actually went to one of these "HD-DVD conferences" to see how things went and this was the documentary of the affair...

(language may be offending to most viewers but should be viewed anyways. )

But really, it seems like people are more upset that "Sony" won than they are over "Toshiba" losing... I, among others, have noticed a total bias towards one company on the BDA group in particular. I submit to these people that there is more than one company to chose from when going high-def, not just the one you've decided to hate because of no good reason.

Are you more upset that Sony's technology Won or that your technology of choice Lost?
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