NEW YORK, Nov. 29, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Alexander Golberg Jero, the first winner of the world-famous First Surround Music Awards for Best New Surround Music Composition presented by United Entertainment in 2002, will launch his new High Definition Music Card. Jero has created an innovative new format for multichannel audio in the consumer market. With more than 200 high-definition critically-recognized audio titles under his name, Jero's new project has the support of many technology consumers groups and has become one of the most talked about topics amongst music enthusiasts and experts alike.

The High Definition Music Card is a new USB format for delivering music content to a mass market and features the latest advantages of surround sound reproduction. It also contains high definition audio streams as well as complementary materials such as artist photos, bios, release information, support software and links. The card can also be used to store user personalized content like personal pictures, videos, games, and other media. The High Definition Music Card is compatible with Blu-ray players as well as desktop and laptop computers and can be enjoyed on any surround sound setup, stereo or headphones.

The development of the High Definition Music Card includes mass product distribution, content development and artist marketing. The project will be supported by major record labels so that the intellectual properties and copyrights of musical and lyrical content will be protected. It's an innovative and potentially game-changing technology that could revolutionize the industry and its approach to surround sound.

"To understand how impactful it will be, just imagine being at the movies, watching a 3D film and the concept is the same," says Jero. "Each individual sound has its unique three-dimensional location in space, just like 3D images do. Further, this project brings the potential to radically change the music industry through exciting new technologies and expertise."

This new format of presenting multichannel sound to the public through this cutting-edge technology will give anyone who is involved the possibility to contribute to real changes in the industry. With the need for expertise in music production, distribution and marketing, the project also provides an opportunity for people with different skillsets to come together to make this project successful.

Well-known artists and industry experts are supporting Jero's project and his cutting-edge ideas that aim to revolutionize the way people perceive surround sound.