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Old 08-10-2007, 01:16 PM
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Default My first gentle wading into the Smackdown pool...

As a frequent lurker on this site, I figured I would actually register and offer up a few initial opinions for commentary or scorn or flame on the HD subjects we all love so. Its all good, after all.

- Other then the fun of the debate, I cant for the life of me understand why people take this format war so personally. would think this was a strife torn ethnic enclave in need of UN peacekeepers to prevent civil war! Then again, its an unceasing source of amusment to me. Nevermind, take it personally.

- For early adopters...and lets face it, every one who has an HD DVD player of BR player still is, I dont think the prospect of this war is anything other then mildly annoying. Unless of course you are taking it personally (see my first point ) If you have either an HD DVD or BR player you see value in and are enjoying the technology NOW. If you dont prefer to pony up for both, you sit back, are enjoying and wait till the players are cheap enough that frankly, it no longer matters who wins. After all, I would say 75% of the posters in this forum will have a new high-def player within 3-5 years anyway.

- As for the war itself, I think its too early to tell where things will settle. Too much of the market is still up for grabs and despite the VHS/Beta comparisons, its a different technology and market. I personally feel like the BR format is 'winning' in the sense of building market-share but I dont feel HD DVD is about to go belly up any time in the near future. I could be wrong, but I actually think a divided marketplace is a strong possibility.

- For now, I'm enjoying HD DVD on my projector and my Xbox360. While I personally prefer the format, the decision was motivated by the add-on being a 200.00 cost. As an avid gamer, the Xbox more then made up for its value in terms of gaming so the cost of entry for me was right. And of course, I prefer Xbox gaming. That said, if this format thing isnt decided by the time I can pick up a BR player or PS3 for 300 bones, I'll have both. And if there's one reason for the format war to be over, its so I can go back to buying cheap ass used discs at Blockbuster and stop justifying to myself my myriad reasons for paying 30.00 bucks for a new one.

Thats it for now. Thank you for your time and for taking things personally
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