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    Default Sony, Panasonic Developing 300GB+ Optical Disc Standard,23723.html

    On Monday Sony announced that it has agreed to work with Panasonic in developing a next-generation standard for an optical disc with at least 300 GB of storage by 2015.

    The agreement arrives after both companies, who previously developed products based on the Blu-ray format, realized that optical discs will need larger capacities in years to come, especially as growth in the archive market continues to accelerate. Yet, why continue to use optical discs? Hard drives and solid-state drives have plenty of storage capacity, right? They're not long-term solutions.
    Read more at link...

    Not sure if this will be something that the studios will buy into as a medium to distribute and produce media on or will this be a pass and the next one developped be the goto media.
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    That reminds me. What happened to talk of BD-XL being able to do up to 200 GB.? Also, can PS4 run BDXL's because we're going to need it for these games coming down the pipe. Case in point, Killzone: Shadow Fall uncompressed.
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    If it is just those two I don't think it will go far.

    I don't know there is a demand for this either, business have been slow adopting Blu storage, and other forms of storage a much cheaper than buying discs.
    The intergenerational compatibility is a pipe dream too (what they mean is backwards compatibility because intergenerational will never work, dvd only will not play Blu), if anything the other forms of storage are even more compatible with changes.

    I do like disc backups and I like having movies on discs, unless other companies get behind this I don't think it will go anywhere, and I don't expect a huge demand for 4k standard. The transition for SD to HD (DVD to blu) has been painfully slow, I wouldn't expect a hypothetical new format with higher resolution to be able to break this pattern.

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