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Default Couple of articles about 3D I found

Wanted to share these, and was wondering about people's thoughts.


Fifties Myth #2: Moviegoers Wore Red-and-Blue Glasses During the Original 3-D Fad
Does this story sound familiar to you? Desperate to compete with television, movie studios unveil a splashy new gimmick: 3-D. At first audiences flock to see big-budget fare in three dimensions, but soon some start to grouse about high ticket prices and the uncomfortable, eye-straining glasses required. It happened in the early 1950s—and there’s some evidence that it may be happening again, as the bloom fades from the 3-D rose again in the 21st century. (Did you see Mars Needs Moms or Final Destination 5? Me neither.)

When we picture 1950s movie audiences enjoying 3-D classics like Robot Monster or Gorilla at Large, we tend to imagine them wearing those glasses with two colored lenses, usually red-and-blue or red-and-green. That system, which requires two images of different colors superimposed on the screen on top of each other, is called “anaglyph 3-D,” and it actually dates back to the 1910s, when the earliest experiments in filmed 3-D took place. But by the time Bwana Devil launched the 1950s 3-D fad, studios had switched to a full-color Polaroid technology using polarized lenses. That’s right: it was essentially the same technology theaters still use today. Cat-Women of the Moon’s 3-D was more or less the same as Avatar’s!
The other article I caught was this. When talking about box office success, we can cease with the "3d Premium" discussion since it appears they're going to push to equalize 3d/2d prices a bit more. And you know what that means. ugh.

"Theaters will charge premium on 2D movies in order to lower the cost of 3D movie tickets"

As Roger Ebert put it, "Oh, no! In a move to recoup their unwise investment in 3D, theaters discuss, and I quote, 'patrons will have a single price for both 2D and 3D films. 2D prices will increase and 3D prices will decrease.' In other words, punishing those who dislike 3D."
Among the bigger changes will probably see the 3D-upcharge disappear. 3D charges will help increase the overall ticket-price but, as an industry, I think we’ll see a blend begin to emerge in 2012, where patrons will have a single price for both 2D and 3D films. 2D prices will increase and 3D prices will decrease.
I don't think increasing the costs of 2D is a wise move unless your goal is empty theaters. The ~$3 bump in prices would probably have me opt for 3d over 2d viewings but I'd probably be more inclined to stay away or buy discounted tickets from costco instead.
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Then if inflated 2D prices rise to meet 3D premium prices then the conversion rate to home video from box office revenues will just naturally fall for 2D movies as well as it would not represent viewership that translates into consumers that watch the movie that want to buy it for home use.

One price for both does not make that much sense. If theater owners can charge more they will.
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The polarized filters in front of the projector lens and glasses are identical now compared to the 50's. However the real difference maker is in the chain of digital equipment that captures, edits, aligns and projects.
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