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Default Challenge: Aka too buzy to do it

Thinking about some of the comments on the thread, especially those regarding the Neilsen numbers and the Box Office numbers, I thought it was interesting to see how HD/BD is stacking up to DVD in terms of top 10s.

Just at a glance for the last week (Link) I looked at the top three titles on DVD. They were:

Shooter (Paramount) - WOC: 2 - BO: $47.0m - Index: 100.00
Bridge to Terabithia (Disney) - WOC: 3 - BO: $82.1m - Index: 44.31
Ghost Rider (Sony) - WOC: 4 - BO: $115.8m - Index: 31.93

Just from the top three, and scanning down the top 20, there's many other titles which appear and also have lower box office's than those listed above, including Blood Diamond at $56.8 and Black Snake Moan at $9.4 in the #4 and #5 position respectively. That being said, there doesn't always seem to be a co-relation between BO success and the DVD sales ranking.

The next thing the caught my attention was the order of the top 10, and I wonder how that compares to HD. On SD, Teribithia is outselling Ghost Rider, but the reverse is true on BD. Here's the HD top 10:
Week ending July 8, 2007
Top 10 titles:
  1. Ghost Rider 100.00
  2. POTC: DMC 90.46
  3. Planet Earth 82.35
  4. The Patriot 82.30
  5. POTC: COTBP 80.00
  6. Apocalypto 75.26
  7. Casino Royale 75.05
  8. Bridge to Teribithia 73.83
  9. Blood Diamond 70.10
  10. Planet Earth 56.94

So the challenge, comparing the top selling charts week-by-week on SD compared to HD/BD. Make note of titles which didn't make it to HD/BD (Hannibal Rising comes to mind) and the box office. It's all on Page 22 of the Home Media Magazine we use to get the HD numbers from and should be an interesting 'normalizing' factor.
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