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Those weekly ratios that we all love so much... are going to make Uni & Par look like fools if they don't do something soon. Moreover, the ratios will justify non-support from just about all retailers.

The War is over. They're all just working out the details of the peace treaty.
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Originally Posted by stevo4 View Post
And has pretty poor PQ for something that is highly rated.

And rated by who?
PS3 fanboys, who cant see past the content when making a judgement.

Compare it to Hot Fuzz for PQ. Chalk and cheese.
Is that all you red boys can ever bring up to brag about hd dvd is Hot Fuzz. for every Hot Fuzz, blu-ray has 8 or titles that are reference quality. Shoot'em Up, Crank, Apocalypto, Rush Hour 3, FF spirits within, Spider-man 2&3, All POTC films, Underworld, Chicken Little, Ratatouille, Cars, Live Free or Die Hard, KOH.....we can play this game all day long. almost every title disney and sony release is demo material. so enjoy most of your titles that have dolby digital+ and we will enjoy DTS MA on 100% of Fox titles and 100%uncompressed pcm on disney titles.
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Thread closed.
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