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theophile 12-31-2007 11:26 AM

Proud to be PURPLE!
I'm not new to the HD movie scene...went HD-DVD earlier in the year as the movie selection offerings I Wanted were 2 to 1 over Blu-ray. I've been Extremely happy with HD-DVD quality & performance...Not One hickup with my 80+ HD-DVD movies on my "original firmware" Toshiba A2 player! :D

From the beginning, I believed that BOTH Formats would survive, no matter what anyone says. So with the recent Blu-ray hardware drop in prices and the increase in the movie selections I Want, I went PURPLE in December and couldn't be happier!!!

IMHO, I've got the best of Both worlds...All the Studios and All the Movies! I Don't Care about this so-called "format war" and To Me, going PURPLE contributes to Healthy Competition in the HD Home Theater market. Choices have become even easier. At todays player prices and free offerings, a newbie can get into Both HD Formats EASILY for under $300!

Let "PURPLE PEACE" Reign, Forever...It's ALL GOOD!;)




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