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Old 06-20-2007, 07:10 PM
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Looks like another outlet picked up on this (Sorry for not seein this thread open before, but it's not too old there winstonshu)...

Blockbuster Blu-ray Exclusivity Impacts HD-DVD Sales

With the recent announcement of Blockbuster supporting Blu-ray only in 1,450 stores nationwide, HD-DVD sales appear to have slumped, according to Retailers are reporting that they are having more people cancel their orders for HD-DVD players than ever before. The reasoning behind the majority of the cancellations is due to the Blockbuster deal, claim several high street stores. Along with falling HD-DVD sales, retailers are also reporting new orders are now non-existent while Blu-ray is hard to keep on shelves.

Blockbuster has given a major blow to HD-DVD, it being the largest company in the rental department. With the decision of sticking with Blu-ray exclusively they have persuaded many consumers to do the same. Blockbuster already has Blu-ray available in 250 “test” stores and employees are reporting 70 percent of HD rentals are in Blu-ray format from both the test stores and online rentals.

Netflix and Blockbuster currently still support both HD formats through online rental, but in store rentals are still in high demand.

We'll have more on the Blu-ray vs HD-DVD saga soon.
Hmm, that was quick. I'd like to see some more substantial statistical data, but I don't doubt that this very well may be the case. I know if I owned a HD DVD player, I'd be kickin it to the curb...and I sure as heck wouldn't be purchasing one right now given the announcement.

So, I pose this question, do you all see HD DVD sales being negatively impacted from the Blockbuster announcement as this article alludes to. I do, and time will be the proving factor.
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Old 06-20-2007, 07:12 PM
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I really think HD dvd biggest concern is not the rental choices of current customers or current sales figures, but the undecideds not buying cheap hd dvd players because of the recent Blockbuster news and the aftermath.

Hd dvd needs to grow its base to survive and if consumers that haven't yet bought a player that were leaning hd dvd think blu-ray is going to win for sure, they will wait for blu-ray prices to come down rather than buy a less expensive hd dvd player.

The Ps3 is still going to sell about the same number of players regardless this month and the new $499 player might become more enticing to a lot of people previously on the fence and sell to those who were waiting for this kind of price reduction in the first place.
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Old 06-20-2007, 09:53 PM
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i cannot see hd dvd owners to follow blockbuster policy. it is not like it says on bb frontpage we do not support hd dvd. it is in the news section.
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Old 06-20-2007, 10:24 PM
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I have both formats so I could not care less but I'll make some comments anyhow. 1) Isn't BB in some serious financial trouble? If they are I believe THEY are the ones to benefit the most from this announcement-especially if what I've read about the whole big-money rental racket is in any way true. 2) The best selection for Blu's and HD's in my area is Barnes and Nobles-CC, Target and BestBuy have virtually no selection of either format- So my question is-Is Block Buster selling Blu's in these test stores? 3) Is it possible that this announcement might actually help to increase HD-DVD title's sales? And finally 4) Could the mythical Wal-Mart 99 HD-DVD player(along with WM only selling HD) turn the tide-I ask what is more important to the bottom line, discs given for rental or those sold to a retailer?
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