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Default If I'd have only known...

Here's a list of the typical regrets that people have.

There is no "perfect" TV, but you can keep some of these features in mind when shopping for a new HDTV.

If I knew then what I know now, I'd have bought:
  • A larger TV.
  • A smaller TV (boy it didn't look that big in the store - I couldn't even get it in the house).
  • A set that comes apart for easier delivery or to fit into a certain room.
  • A set that has a direct access button for each input.
  • A set that has each input remember the "aspect/stretch mode".
    (if you get a set that doesn't have the two above, you might have to press two different buttons several times, rather than one button once to switch inputs)
  • A set that allows manual convergence of many points without going into the service menu. (All RPTVs have some form of auto-convergence - the more points the better)
  • A set that allows the user to turn off and/or adjust: SVM, Black Level.
  • A backlit remote control.
  • A more reliable brand.
  • A different type of TV (RPTV, Plasma, Direct-View, LCoS, Front Projector, LCD, DLP).
  • A particular type of PoP.
  • A set that allows 720P input (Important for some "gamers").
    (Some sets "allow" this, some do not)
  • A set with a larger vertical viewing angle. (RPTVs can be somewhat limiting in this regard).
  • A screen with less glare - some screens have more glare than others, check the various models, especially if you plan to watch in the daytime or under bright lighting conditions.
  • A set that allows you to choose the appropriate aspect ratios for DVD players with progressive scan outputs. (Some of the less expensive HDTVs do not allow you to change the aspect ratio of progressive scan inputs - This can be important)
  • A set that upconverts NTSC signals beyond 480P. Some TVs only upconvert 480i to 480P, while others upconvert to 540P, 960i, 1080i.
  • Research the DVI/Firewire/HDCP/HDMI issues so that you are at least a little bit familiar with what these may mean for the future of HDTV, HD recording, etc. These are complex issues, but at least you will buy a TV that only has component video inputs "with your eyes open" and there's nothing wrong with that.
A/V Receiver
  • A receiver that "auto-senses and switches" digital and analogue audio signals.
  • A receiver that has "auto-priority". (automatically sensing the best video and audio mode available and using it - for example picking component video and DD5.1, from all of the available sources if that input is detected)
  • A receiver that has wideband component video inputs and switching for HD signals (at least 25 MHz, preferably 37+ MHz).
  • A receiver that has an on-screen display (useful for setups)
  • A receiver that displays the incoming signal (DD2.0, analogue, DD3/2, PCM, Etc) and/or displays the "output" (DPL, DPLII, DD5.1, DD6.1 Matrix, DTS, etc) Some receivers only have lights and they aren't nearly as helpful.
  • A receiver that "converts" composite and/or S-video inputs so they "flow" out the component video connection, necessitating only one video connection (3 CV cables) to the TV and no need to switch inputs on the TV.
  • A receiver with HDMI switching and upconversion to that output.
  • A receiver that remembers the "DSP" for each input.
  • More inputs and outputs on my receiver.
  • A learning and/or backlit remote.
Home Theatre
I'd have planned a little better for the following:
  • additional/pre-wiring (surrounds, sub, etc)
  • cable management (how/where to put them all)
  • layout
  • access to components/component cupboard
  • hidden items (like a subwoofer)
  • seating
  • lighting/controls
  • acoustic treatments
  • electrical circuits (dedicated isolated outlets)
  • UPS
  • etc.
A whole lot more money, so I could buy what I really want...

*Do you have updates for this FAQ? Post a note in our "Feedback" forum in the "Update for FAQ" and we will make the changes.*

(This FAQ was originally posted at HDTVoice and has been reprinted here with permission)

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