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Old 11-25-2009, 11:33 AM
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Default Verizon FIOS and Built in HD Tuner (The Convo that Verizon Do Not Like)

This is a question for people with Fios or going to get Fios.

I'm planning to get Verizon FioS bundle, which include the Internet, TV, and Phone. Verizon won't give me a straight answer obviously, so I'm asking here

I have a HDTV, with a built in HD tuner. If I buy a HD Antenna, I am able to pick up Basic HD channels (and some extra one if I'm lucky).

Now my question, FIOS TV won't work with out a set top box. For HD viewing, I need a HD set top box, and that is 10 bucks per month. So, if I have say 3 HDTVs, and I want FIOS TV on all three, that is 30 bucks extra per month.

My question, if I get the lowest plan, and not pay extra for set top boxes for HD viewing because me and the fam just want the Basic channels in HD, would it be possible just to buy a HD antenna, and enjoy HD Basic channels?
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Old 11-26-2009, 03:57 PM
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Verizon FIOS is the best quality available with only BLU-RAY beating the picture and sound quality. The Fiber optic to the side of your house allows the bandwidth to be huge that results in channels being bit for bit exactly the same as the original source broadcast. Also Internet speeds of up to 50MB per second download and 20MB per second upload.

Any TV with a built in QAM tuner will receive all the local HD and SD digital channels. Only the encrypted QAM channels requires a Verizon cable box. The Verizon Motorola HD DVR can also be accessed from multi-rooms with additional HD boxes.

Even if you have the lowest priced Verizion TV service you will still be able to receive local HD and SD QAM channels on any TV that has a built QAM tuner. Also some higher-end older HDTV's have a cable card option that allows subscription programming to be recieved with a cable card inserted. The original on screen TV guide and Video on Demand does not work with one way cable cards.

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Old 11-29-2009, 12:08 PM
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Yes, you can definately get your locals in HD for free over an antenna.

Put your address into this website and it will give you how far all the broadcast antennas are from your house and what type of antenna you would need to get them. I had to try 3 different antennas till I found one that got all the channells I want. (I needed an antenna that had high-vhf frequency for FOX and ABC)

This is the antenna I went with, canceled cable almost a year ago.

Winegard HD7694P

I got the DTVPal DVR which will record shows from the antenna. Not quite as good as Tivo but considering there is no monthly fee I think it's better.

Between that box and my Popcorn Hour, canceling cable was the best decision I ever made (and I watch more TV than anyone I know, although I'm sure some on here could beat me)
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