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Old 12-18-2007, 10:52 PM
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Default Vhf

i picked up a Phillips MANT510 antenna mostly because Lost will be starting soon and i want to watch it in HD

i live in Fairfield Ohio about 15mi from Cincinnati and 30mi from Dayton

i have no problem picking up CBS, FOX, and NBC from both Cincinnati and Dayton, as well as PBS and other stations i dont really care for, perfectly

Cincinnati's ABC(WCPO9) broadcasts in VHF everyone else is UHF i followed all the instructions to pick up VHF signals for my antenna but still nothing

the weird thing is Dayton's ABC(22) i can't get either even though it is UHF and i get all other Dayton UHF channels fine just not ABC

so if anyone has this antenna can you get VHF, especially if you live around Cincinnati and have it, how did you set it up?
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