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Old 03-23-2015, 12:33 AM
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Default Will RG-59 cabling support HD and 50mbps Internet?

I currently have 3 HD boxes and 50mbps Internet through Comcast. Where I'm living now has RG-6 cabling and we get beautiful HD picture aND high speed. I am moving, and the new place has RG-59 cabling run throughout, from the mainline to the splitters to all TVS and modem. I will be activatin my service there and we will have 2 regular HD boxes, 2 HD DVRS and a modem/router. cabling is under house siding with just outdoor splitter exposed and landlord will not allow us to replace cabling. Tenants now have regular non HD cable and they have 30mbps speed which they get with no problems, and they do heavy streaming.

I am worried the RG-59 won't support all our connections. Everything is run off one outdoor splitter going into each room, except for living room has an indoor splitter for cable and internet line. The splitters are high quality.

will i get my speeds and a good HD picture with this setup?
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Old 03-23-2015, 08:40 PM
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Directv (and others) often use RG59 without any issues. I do not see any issues specific with having RG59.
From an Engineering standpoint, bandwidth/frequency response is more related to the materials in the cables themselves as opposed to the RG number involved. RG6 is better known for direct burial and harsh locations and you see it being used more because an installer only has to carry one spool of cable instead of 2.
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The best advice is to not worry unless it gives you problems. It may work fine without any issues, and any issues that come up could likely be fixed with a signal amplifier. I believe they do make some amplifiers that allow bi-directional communications, for cable modems, but even if you have problems, hopefully your cable company can fix them.
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