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Old 07-19-2013, 10:58 AM
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Post UHD Channels Launching Korea Ahead of Schedule

Five Content providers now broadcasting to a limited audience in Korea.


Six months and seventeen days. That is the length of time ahead of schedule for the first UHD channels, which launched yesterday in Korea. Details on specific content and subscriber arrangements are negligible at the moment, but what seems to be clear is that the Korea Cable Television & Telecommunications Association launched its five content providers ahead of any similar initiatives in Japan.

According to Korea IT news site, ETNews, the KCTA is able to deliver UHD content to customers using special LG TV cable connections. As for content, it looks like the rest of the year will be dedicated to Korea-focused and produced documentaries, before moving towards more traditional show programming and sports' coverage in 2014.

ETNews via Engadget
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Old 07-19-2013, 12:10 PM
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LG will have "special LG TV cable connectons". SONY will offer exclusive UHD mastered movies for streaming/downloading to UHD TV set owners. Panasonic will ...? Toshiba will ...?

Here's my fear. Just as certain movie studios are now trying (somewhat sucessfully) to regain ownership of their products by pushing various forms of the "cloud" in which you never actually own a physical anything, I worry that the TV manufacturers will try to make UHD TV a "proprietary" endeavour. In other words each will offer their own exclusive content and special method of delivery (at a price of course). If there's a show you want to see but you have a different brand of TV, tough luck buddy.

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Old 07-21-2013, 07:27 AM
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Yes, but LG has several advantages here:

1) This is one of the first major UHD broadcasts roleouts in the world
2) LG is a South Korean company
3) The South Korean cable companies have chosen to go with LG's technology, with no alternative being offered.

This means that if other companies wish to sell televisions in Korea that are compatable, they are going to have to go with LG's technology. This also means, since it is one of the first government backed standards, that other countries will most likely (but not necessarially) follow suit.


I was looking at the content being offered. Sounds like the early days of HDTV. I was in a major metropolitian area, and around 2000, the only people broadcasting in HD were NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS and HDNet (yes, in the early days, HDNet broadcast OTA in DFW), but with all of those combined, you had about 10 hours of programming a day between those networks, and most of that was repeats. The local ABC station was the first station in the nation to go HD, but if you tuned in, all you got was their demo feed over and over and over. NBC had Jay Leno, PBS had a couple of episodes of Nova and I think National Geographic, HDNet had Get Out, and I don't remember what CBS was showing. People were so desperate for HD material, though, that we would sit for hours watching these demos over and over. And I didn't even like Get Out, but it was in HD, so I watched it.
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