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Default I could use some new serial drama TV show suggestions. Ones with an ending.

I'm looking for a new TV series to start watching. If it is on Netflix streaming, that's great. If it's on Netflix DVD, that's fine. Current stuff, I may even buy through Amazon on demand.

First of all, I'm looking for something that is either currently airing, or has some sort of conclusion. While I loved shows like Carnivale and Jericho, it's hard to get into a series knowing that what you are watching won't get resolved.

Some examples of other serial dramas I've dug are: LOST, Battlestar, Breaking Bad, Prison Break (yeah, I know) & Sons of Anarchy. Also more light hearted stuff too, like Doctor Who and Leverage. I've just finished season 1 of American Horrory Story (enjoyed that), started season 1 of Justified (so far so good), and have season 1 of Homeland set to be mailed via Netflix. I REALLY want to watch all of The Wire, but I'm waiting for it to be either very cheap as a complete Blu-Ray set, or for it to be on Netflix streaming (which I doubt it ever will be).

So any suggestions would be helpful!
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