FCC OKs encryption of cable TV basic tier (Say goodbye to in the clear QAM tuners) - High-Def Digest Forums
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Default FCC OKs encryption of cable TV basic tier (Say goodbye to in the clear QAM tuners)

FCC OKs encryption of cable TV basic tier

This might mean that possible in 3+ years from now the Cable companies might convert to 100% QAM and encrypt 100% of all channels including NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, etc. That is if my understanding of the article is correct.

In the future a cablecard rental or digital settop box from the cable company with a cablecard will be required for all channels offered by the cable company.

This would mean that in the clear QAM tuners are useless in 3+ years unless they have a cablecard feature. Of course some cable companies might not encrypt 100% of the channels.


"The cable industry wanted the rule changes. The only real losers in the deal, reports said, are the few subscribers who actually use the Clear-QAM tuner in their TV or use HTPC software thatíll never get an update."

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Old 12-14-2012, 04:42 AM
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I read about quarter of the FCC ruling. As much as I understand arguments, I still think they're not accounting correctly for the people that will be effected. A lot people I know, right now, are on limited basic. And it'll end up being another cost they can't afford.

I had to laugh when one company said it could result in lower rates. Cable companies are too much of natural monopoly for that to happen.
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