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Default HD Radio, why not ATSC OTA data rate over radio frequency?

Pretty much self explanatory. I was wondering why, instead of moving FM up to CD quality for music, doesn't HD Radio go instead in the direction of outputting the large amount of data the ATSC standard does for TV except modify it for radio use and set aside 3 subchannels to put out cd quality music as well for extra money. Also when the main channel decides to run a concert of a certain artist shut down 1 or 2 of these channels if you decide to use a lossless codec and run it lossless. Which leads me to another question. If this happens with HD Radio what does it cost to include one of these decompression chipset's on a piece of hardware?
Doby I'd REALLY appreciate your thoughts here or an e-mail.

edit: I put forth this idea because I think it would help to bring people back who are sick of mainstream radio and have moved to Satellite though bringing good music along would help as well, especially if exclusive if it's not Lossless considering the Satellite's are commercial free for music.
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