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paranormal5150 04-30-2008 09:03 PM

dish network
I just got dish network they will come install it Sunday. I recently had directv HD. Reason I made the switch was because as an existing customer directv would make me pay for a DVR HD. And working a 12 hour shift as a police officer and doing a lot of calls i dont get to catch my favorite shows. I didn't want to pay 300 for the dvr. so i switched to Dish network which gave me a free HD DVR. I hope the switch will be a good one. They had all the channels I watch and everything but i dont think they had as much hd programming. Anything I should know about? Pro's and cons?

allargon 05-01-2008 09:14 AM

I'm a Dish customer. DirectTV has more HD channels than Dish--period! DirectTV has better sports programming than Dish--period. Dish, IMHO, has better equipment--a better DVR plus each HD receiver they have has a digital TV tuner for antenna reception (a great option if your locals aren't carried or you want insurance against rain fade or you just want a less compressed signal). People say Direct has better PQ on its newer (but not its older which are worse) HD channels than Dish. Depending on your package choice, Dish can be much cheaper than Direct, or they can be about the same.

Most people on the net refer to DirectTV as D* and Dish Network as E*. The E* for Dish Network is old and outdated, since Dish is no longer part of Echostar. Congratulations on your selection. Good luck!

FYI, I do love highdefdigest. However, most of the satellite talk happens on satelliteguys.us (my personal favorite) and dbstalk.com.

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