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Default HDMS Review - Hulk

Original Review - http://hdmoviesource.com/forum/showthread.php?t=709

Movie Title:- Hulk - http://www.hdmoviesource.com/catalog...oducts_id=2018

Movie:- 4.5 Of Of 5 - David Banner is a genetics researcher who experiments on himself, trying to improve human DNA. Once his wife gives birth to their son Bruce, David realizes his mutant DNA has been passed on and attempts to find a cure for his son's condition. The government, represented by Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross, shuts down his research after learning of his dangerous experiments. David, in a fit of rage, causes a massive explosion of the facilities' gamma reactor, and accidentally kills his wife. He is then put into a mental hospital, while 4-year-old Bruce is sent into foster care and adopted, taking on the last name of Krenzler, believing his biological parents are deceased. The events leave Bruce unable to conjure the memories into reality.

Movie info taken from - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hulk_(film)

Video:- 5 Out Of 5 - The Hulk is amazing, this movie is stylized and doesn't have the bright look that speed racer has, but it does look very natural. I would have gave this a REFERENCE certified, but I still felt that there were minor issues, artifacts or noise, Im not completely sure but some scene's showed this. This movie really does look good though.

Audio:- 5 Out Of 5 - REFERENCE AUDIO - The audio is completely amazing, with great use of the surround sound speakers, and excellent vocal quality. This is a DTS MASTER AUDIO 5.1 with emphasis on the point one, the bass in the Hulk could be some of the best demo material on Blu-Ray right now. This soundtrack is godlike, completely amazing.

Summary:- 5 Out Of 5 - The Hulk is actually a great movie, and with audio and video this good; its recommended for all.

Reviewed by Carl Mulder - HDMS TWISTED BULLET
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