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Question Xbox 360 and Onkyo 605: Component to HDMI question

Okay, so here is my situation. I have a 32" Westinghouse LCD 720p, SK-32H240S, and had a problem with blacks having a greenish hue to them. I have calibrated the television ad-nauseum, and finally gave up by dialing back the green on the manual color temp. Unfortunately, I have ended up with whites that look a tad purple. I have just learned that the real problem lies with the component inputs on this particular Westy model, and the component inputs have some problem causing this green. (I also have an HD antenna for OTA broadcasts, and I have a PS3 via HDMI, and neither have the problem so I am pretty ready to believe the number of reviews faulting the component inputs.)

So here's my plan. I was already planning on finally taking the plunge and indulging in a 5.1 or 7.1 audio system. I have already picked out speakers and a receiver for my budget. I'm going with the Onkyo 605. I know that it has an HDMI out that will take analog inputs and output them to the TV via the HDMI. Fantastic, because this would bypass the shitty component ins on my TV.

I know the Onkyo has some analog in to HDMI out issues, specifically 1080i analog signals that go through the 605 and exit through HDMI are downconverted to 720p. I also know that no 1080p analog signal can be passed on by the Onkyo via HDMI at all.

Here's the question. Since my TV is only 720p, and I set my Xbox 360 to 720p mode because of that, will I have no problem passing the analog component video from my Xbox 360 HD-DVD add-on, or will the fact that the ORIGINAL video source of the HD-DVD was 1080p prevent my Onkyo 605 from taking the component signal from the 360 and pass it to the TV over the HDMI.

Hopefully that is clear enough for everyone, thanks for any help in advance, and if I can clarify things more to help you help me, then let me know.

P.S. In advance to some of the questions or comments I am likely to receive:
1. No, I am not able to return the TV anymore
2. No, I cannot afford to step up to the Onkyo 705 or 805 (I'm getting a brand new 605 for $235)
3. Ditto for purchasing a new TV

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