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Old 02-06-2007, 02:31 PM
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Default Gears of War cost less than 10 million to make

Damn they made a killing of this game and cost less than 10 million to make!

Everyday people talk about the huge costs associated with the new platforms, but Epic VP Mark Rein (right) admitted that it didn't even cost them $10 million to make this year's holiday blockbuster Gears of War. More within...

Next-gen gaming is expensive, not just for the consumer, but also for the people making the games. It doesn't have to be, however, says Mark Rein, Vice President of Epic Games. While Capcom recently revealed that Lost Planet cost $20 million to make and the publisher pumped an additional $20 million into marketing, Rein said in a new interview with Wired that Gears of War cost less than $10 million.

"We spent less than $10 million to make Gears of War. Somewhere between nine and ten million dollars. People are always saying that making next-generation games is really expensive, and we're saying, you should license our technology," said Rein. "Because we have really great tools for building content and a great pipeline that makes your team more productive, and great tools like our Unreal Kismet visual scripting system, which means that your designers can actually do things that previously, programmers had to do. So for us it's a very exciting time right now, both from a game standpoint and a technology standpoint."

For Rein's Epic Games, the next big step would be to crack the Japanese market. The company is hoping that its recently announced Square Enix deal can grease the gears. "It's definitely a challenge to convince Japanese developers to work with a third-party technology like ours. But we've got a few, and we're gonna have more, and I think Square Enix, they're the granddaddy. I'm hoping that'll be pulling the stopper out of the drain, and we'll get more," said Rein. "Lost Odyssey is looking amazing, have you seen it lately? Yeah, we'll gradually crack that nut. We've been looking to hire somebody in Japan, to be our representative there. It's really hard to find somebody who speaks really good English, knows our technology well, is native Japanese, has an engineering background, can answer complex questions. We're looking, the job's open."

Rein also made it a point to praise Sony for including a hard drive in every PS3, and he had some advice for Xbox 360 owners (or potential owners): "I'm glad people have hard drives and the ability to download new content. We've very much applauded Sony for having the hard drive on every single machine. We will absolutely take advantage of the hard drive on UT3. So if you don't have a hard drive on Xbox 360 and you want to get the most out of your UT purchase, think about getting one."

Check out the full interview at Wired for more.
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Old 02-06-2007, 07:01 PM
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the game is pretty short if you ask me, although i didnt beat it on the harder setting, went through it pretty quick on normal
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Old 02-06-2007, 07:26 PM
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The game is short, but it's the multiplayer where all the fun is to be had.
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Old 02-06-2007, 08:39 PM
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Yes, plus you can get more fun out of the story mode by playing the various difficulties, collecting the cog tags, and of course co-op.
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Old 02-07-2007, 01:08 PM
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Me and a couple buddies killed the sh!t out of that game with some fun co-op action... and yes the harder settings will make it a huge difference.. I suggest trying it. I F'in LOVE this game with the 50" plasma and the new surround sound system that my girlfriend just purchased... I tell you this is HD gaming at its best!
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Old 02-07-2007, 05:23 PM
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I saw that Rein didn't provide the marketing cost figures. I'm curious to know how much that was.
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Old 02-12-2007, 02:53 PM
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i wish it gave us 4 player co-op
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Old 02-12-2007, 03:18 PM
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Originally Posted by TaiwaneSTUD View Post
i wish it gave us 4 player co-op
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