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Old 10-18-2009, 11:35 AM
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Default Dang it... Blockbuster.com pulled the plug

and I didn't notice.

I had a fair number of HD DVDs in my queue (not collection) from blockbuster's online service and it must've been fairly recently that they've replaced them with blu-ray or DVD versions instead. I first noticed Sparticus was switched a few months ago since the HD version was a "very long wait" for me but other HD DVD titles remained in my queue. The other day I was adjusting my queue and didn't notice but tonight when I was going to move an HD DVD movie (Smokey & the bandit) to be next, that's when I discovered they were all gone... switched to blu-ray or DVD. The last movie I rented in HD DVD was The Adventures of Robin Hood and that was sometime during the summer... maybe in August.
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Old 10-18-2009, 01:55 PM
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That was also the last HD DVD I rented as well! I now own it, but very odd coincidence. The good news is most HD DVD's can now be bought for cheaper than most rental/streaming prices. Excluding certain WB and smaller studio titles I believe...

For example, you could probably get most Paramount (although most of their's are in BR now) and Universal (the the largest amount of "exclusives") for $2-$3 ea. Considering I pay $20/month for Blockbuster, I could get 7-10 HD DVD's in that month instead - so it's not all bad.

Like I said though, there's still some WB titles that are a bit tougher but can fortunately probably be found in Blu-Ray. I think there's probably about 10-15 HD DVD's between WB/Paramount that haven't been released on Blu-Ray yet. I think there's dozens more of Universal titles, but fortunately those are the ones that are very easy to find on the cheap!

It's probably part of the reason Blockbuster.com pulled the plug. The demand was probably low already, and only became lower when people could buy these titles for such a low cost (not really price-prohibitive compared to renting). That being said, those that they did pull you may be seeing for sale shortly on their website. Although the prices may not be the best, and you may be able to find new/sealed copies for cheaper elsewhere...
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