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Default Complete List of HD DVD Titles (exclusives in Red)

updated 8/26/15

Link to historical HD DVD reviews from this site.

A list of just the exclusives, plus those HD DVDs that have better PQ or AQ specs than the Blu-ray counterpart is HERE. It's probably more up to date as well (as far as exclusives are concerned).

Here is a companion thread of the specifications for all HD DVD titles, for those who want to get more technical info.

489 domestic (US) titles, of which

93 of them are exclusive.

0 Pending US release dates are in blue.

(53) Paramount/DW movies: Paramount disc specs are HERE

Aeon Flux 8/8/2006
Anchorman - The Legend of Ron Burgundy 11/27/2007
Arctic Tale 12/4/2007
Babel 2/20/2007
Beowulf 2/26/2008
Black Rain 1/23/2007
Black Snake Moan 6/26/2007
Blades of Glory 8/28/2007
Clear and Present Danger, A
Coming to America 6/5/2007
Disturbia 8/7/2007
Dreamgirls 5/1/2007
Face Off 10/30/2007
Failure to Launch 4/24/2007
Flags of Our Fathers 5/22/2007
Four Brothers 8/1/2006
Freedom Writers 5/22/2007
Heartbreak Kid, The 12/26/2007
Hot Rod 11/27/2007
Hunt for Red October, The
Hustle and Flow 6/26/2007
Into the Wild 3/4/2008
Italian Job, The 8/8/2006
Lara Croft - Tomb Raider 7/25/2006
Manchurian Candidate, The 8/1/2006
Mighty Heart, A 10/16/2007
Mission Impossible 2 10/30/2006
Mission Impossible III 10/30/2006
Mission: Impossible 10/30/2006
Nacho Libre 11/7/2006
Next 9/25/2007
Norbit 6/5/2007
Old School 11/27/2007
Patriot Games
Payback - Straight Up - The Director's Cut 4/10/2007
Reds 11/7/2006
Sahara 7/25/2006
Shooter 7/31/2007
Shrek the Third 11/13/2007
Sky Captain 7/25/2006
Sleepy Hollow 7/25/2006
Star Trek The Original Series - The Complete First Season 11/20/2007*
Stardust 12/18/2007
Sum of All Fears
Things we Lost in the Fire 3/4/2008
Top Gun 10/2/2007
Trading Places 6/5/2007
Transformers 10/16/2007
Untouchables, The 7/3/2007
Warriors, The 7/3/2007
We Were Soldiers 8/1/2006
World Trade Center 12/12/2006
Zodiac 1/8/2008

(148) Universal movies/TV series: (46 exclusive) Uni disc specs are HERE

12 Monkeys 10/24/2006
2 Fast 2 Furious 9/26/2006
40-Year-Old Virgin, The 5/22/2007
Accepted 11/14/2006*
Alpha Dog 5/1/2007*
American Gangster 2/19/2008*
American Me 6/26/2007
An American Werewolf in London 11/28/2006*
Animal House 8/15/2006*
Apollo 13 4/25/2006
Army of Darkness 10/10/2006*
Assault on Precinct 13 5/9/2006
Atonement 3/18/2008*
Backdraft 9/19/2006
Balls Of Fury 12/18/2007*
Battlestar Galactica - Season One 12/4/2007
Being John Malkovich 6/26/2007
Big Lebowski, The 6/26/2007
Billy Madison 7/10/2007
Bone Collector, The 8/22/2006
Born on the Fourth of July 6/12/2007
Bourne Identity, The 7/24/2007
Bourne Supremacy, The 5/23/2006
Bourne Ultimatum, The 12/11/2007*
Breach (ES)6/12/2007*
Breakfast Club, The 12/26/2006*
Break-Up, The (UK) 10/17/2006*
Brokeback Mountain 1/23/2007*
Bruce Almighty 6/12/2007
Bulletproof 6/26/2007
Carlito's Way 10/23/2007
Carlito's Way: Rise To Power 10/23/2007
Casino 12/19/2006
Cat People 12/23/2007
Children of Men 3/27/2007*
Chronicles of Riddick, The 5/23/2006
Cinderella Man 5/9/2006
Dante's Peak 7/10/200
Darkman 7/31/2007
Dawn of the Dead 8/28/2007
Daylight 6/12/2007
Dazed & Confused 9/26/2006*
Dead Silence (UK) 6/26/2007*
Deer Hunter, The 12/26/2006
Doom 4/25/2006
Dragonheart 5/29/2007
Dune (1984) 11/28/2006
Eastern Promises 12/23/2007*
Elizabeth 9/18/2007
Elizabeth: The Golden Age 2/5/2008*
End of Days 9/26/2006
Erin Brockovich 8/14/2007
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 4/24/2007
Evan Almighty 10/9/2007*
Evening (NO) 9/25/2007*
Fast & Furious 9/26/2006
Fast & The Furious, The: Tokyo Drift 9/26/2006*
Fast Times at Ridgemont High 10/10/2006*
Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas
Field of Dreams 12/12/2006
Fletch 3/11/2008
For Love of the Game 9/18/2007
Friday Night Lights 7/11/2006
The Frighteners 5/29/2007
Game, The 4/17/2007
Getaway, The (1994) 9/25/2007
Good Shepherd, The (NL) 4/3/2007*
Half Baked 1/30/2007*
Happy Gilmore 6/13/2006
Heroes - Season 1 8/28/2007
Hitcher, The (CA) 5/1/2007*
Hollywoodland (JP) 2/6/2007
Hot Fuzz 7/31/2007*
How The Grinch Stole Christmas 11/21/2006*
Hulk 12/12/2006
Hurricane, The 8/28/2007
I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry 11/6/2007*
In Good Company 7/24/2007
Inside Man 10/23/2007
Interpreter, The (FR) 10/24/2006
Jarhead 5/9/2006
Jerk, The 4/17/2007
Jet Li's Fearless 12/19/2006*
King Kong 11/14/2006
Kingdom, The 12/23/2007*
Knocked Up 9/25/2007*
Land of the Dead 9/26/2006*
Last Starfighter, The 9/18/2007
Liar Liar (UK) 6/12/2007
Lost in Translation 5/29/2007
Mallrats 6/26/2007
Meet Joe Black 6/26/2007
Meet the Fockers 8/14/2007
Meet the Parents 11/28/2006
Mercury Rising 8/14/2007
Miami Vice 12/5/2006*
Midnight Run 5/29/2007
Mobsters 1/8/2008
Monty Python's The Meaning of Life 6/12/2007
Mr. Bean's Holiday (UK) 11/27/2007*
Mummy Returns, The 1/16/2007
Mummy, The 11/28/2006
Mystery Men 6/26/2007
Notting Hill (UK) 8/28/2007
Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps 7/24/2007
Nutty Professor, The 4/24/2007
Out of Sight 10/24/2006
Patch Adams 9/25/2007
Pianist, The (UK, FR) 1/8/2008
Pitch Black (Unrated) 7/11/2006
Pride & Prejudice 11/13/2007
Ray 8/8/2006
Red Dragon 9/12/2006
River, The 5/29/2007
Rundown, The 6/13/2006
Scent of a Woman 7/24/2007
Scorpion King, The 12/19/2006*
Sea of Love 7/31/2007
Seabiscuit 9/12/2006
Seed of Chucky (CA, FR) 10/23/2007
Serenity 4/18/2006
Shaun of the Dead 7/31/2007
Skeleton Key, The 5/22/2007
Slither (CA, NL) 10/24/2006*
Smokey and the Bandit 5/22/2007
Smokin' Aces 4/17/2007*
Sneakers 6/12/2007
Spartacus 10/24/2006
Spy Game 8/22/2006
Sting, The 1/16/2007
Streets of Fire 7/24/2007
Talk to Me (UK) 10/30/2007*
Thing, The 10/24/2006
Timecop 12/23/2007
Traffic 9/12/2006
Tremors 11/20/2007
U-571 5/23/2006
Unleashed 8/15/2006*
Van Helsing 5/23/2006
Waist Deep (UK) 10/10/2006*
War, The 7/10/2007
Watcher, The 6/26/2007
Waterworld 11/14/2006
Wedding Date, The 7/10/2007
What Dreams May Come 8/14/2007
White Noise (CA)1/8/2008
White Noise 2 (CA) 1/8/2008*
You Me & Dupree (UK) 11/21/2006*

(126) Warner movies/TV series: (3 exclusive) [Warner disc specs are HERE]

300 7/31/2007*
16 Blocks 6/13/2006*
2001 - A Space Odyssey 10/23/2007
Adventures of Robin Hood, The (1938) 9/26/2006
Alexander Revisited 9/18/2007
Ant Bully, The 11/28/2006*
Appleseed Ex Machina 4/1/2008*
Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, The 2/26/2008*
ATL 7/18/2006*
August Rush 4/1/2008*
Aviator, The 11/6/2007
Batman Begins 10/10/2006
Battle of the Bulge 5/15/2007
Beerfest 1/30/2007
Blade Runner 12/18/2007
Blazing Saddles 5/23/2006
Blood Diamond 7/3/2007
Bonnie and Clyde 4/15/2008
Brave One, the 2/28/2008*
Bullitt 2/27/2007
Caddyshack 8/22/2006
Casablanca 11/14/2006
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory 10/10/2006
Christmas Story, A 12/5/2006
Clockwork Orange, A 10/23/2007
Constantine 6/6/2006
Corpse Bride 10/10/2006
Cowboys, The 6/5/2007
Deliverance 9/18/2007
Departed, The 2/13/2007*
Dirty Dozen, The 9/26/2006
Dog Day Afternoon 4/10/2007
Dukes of Hazzard, The 7/11/2006
Enter the Dragon 7/11/2006
Excalibur 10/31/2006
Eyes Wide Shut 10/23/2007
Firewall 6/6/2006*
Forbidden Planet 11/14/2006
Fountain, The 5/15/2007*
Fugitive, The 5/23/2006
Full Metal Jacket 5/16/2006
Getaway, The (1972) 2/27/2007
Gods and Generals 9/25/2007
Good Night, and Good Luck 8/22/2006*
Goodfellas 5/2/2006
Gothika 9/25/2007
Grand Prix 9/26/2006
Happy Feet 3/27/2007*
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 12/11/2007
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 12/11/2007
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 12/11/2007*
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 12/11/2007
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone 12/11/2007
House of Wax 9/12/2006
I Am Legend 4/8/2008*
In the Valley of Elah 3/11/2008*
Invasion, The 2/19/2008*
Jailhouse Rock 9/18/2007
Justice League: The New Frontier 3/18/2008*
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 6/20/2006*
Lady in the Water 12/19/2006*
Lake House, The 9/26/2006*
Last Samurai, The 4/18/2006
Lethal Weapon 6/27/2006
Lethal Weapon 2 9/12/2006
Letters from Iwo Jima 5/22/2007*
License to Wed 10/30/2007*
Matrix Reloaded, The 5/22/2007*
Matrix Revolutions, The 5/22/2007*
Matrix, The 5/22/2007*
Michael Clayton 3/11/2008*
Million Dollar Baby 4/18/2006
Music and Lyrics 6/12/2007
Mutiny on the Bounty (1962) 11/14/2006
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 12/5/2006
Nip/Tuck - The Complete Fourth Season 9/4/2007
No Reservations 3/4/2008*
Ocean's Eleven 11/13/2007
Ocean's Thirteen 11/13/2007*
Ocean's Twelve 11/13/2007
Omega Man, The 11/27/2007
One Missed Call 5/13/2008*
Out for Justice 7/24/2007
P.S. I Love You 5/22/2008
Perfect Storm, The 6/6/2006
Phantom of the Opera, The 4/18/2006
Polar Express, The 10/10/2006
Poseidon 1/16/2007
Purple Rain 7/24/07
Reaping, The 10/16/2007*
Return to House on Haunted Hill 10/16/2007
Rio Bravo 6/5/2007
Road Warrior, The 5/15/2007
Room with a View, A 10/2/2007
Rumor Has It... 5/9/2006*
Scanner Darkly, A 4/10/2007
Scooby-Doo - The Movie 1/16/2007
Searchers, The 8/22/2006
Shining, The 10/23/2007
Smallville - The Complete Fifth Season 11/28/2006
Smallville - The Complete Sixth Season 9/18/2007
Sopranos, The - Season 6, Part 1 12/19/2006
Sopranos, The - Season 6, Part 2 10/23/2007
Space Cowboys 9/12/2006
Sublime 5/13/2008*
Superman - The Movie 11/28/2006
Superman II - The Richard Donner Cut 11/28/2006
Superman Returns 11/28/2006*
Swordfish 5/2/2006
Syriana 6/20/2006
Taking Lives
Terminator 3 - Rise of the Machines 9/26/2006
TMNT 8/7/2007*
Training Day 5/9/2006
Troy 9/12/2006
Twilight Zone - The Movie 10/9/2007
Twister 5/22/2008
Under Siege 10/31/2006
Unforgiven 5/16/2006
V for Vendetta 10/31/2006
Viva Las Vegas 9/18/2007
We Are Marshall 9/18/2007*
Wicker Man, The 1/30/2007
Wild Bunch, The 9/25/2007
Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory 10/10/2006
Wyatt Earp 9/25/2007

(11) Weinstein movies: (3 exclusive)

Black Christmas (DE)(1) 6/12/2007
Clerks II 1/16/2007
Derailed 12/19/2006
Feast 4/17/2007
Harsh Times 6/12/2007
Lucky Number Slevin 1/16/2007
Matador, The 12/19/2006
Pulse 1/16/2007
Scary Movie 4 (UK) 12/19/2006
School for Scoundrels 4/17/2007
Wolf Creek (UK) 12/19/2006

(31) Other studio's movies: (9 exclusive)

Bandai Visual
Freedom 1 6/26/2007#
Freedom 2 9/25/2007#
Freedom 3 12/11/2007#
Freedom 4 2/26/2008#
Freedom 5 4/22/2008#
Freedom 6 6/24/2008#
Royal Space Force: Wings of Honneamise Bandai Visual 9/11/2007

Galaxina 2/19/2008
My Favorite Brunette / Son of Paleface 3/25/2008
Road to Rio/Road to Bali 1/8/2008
Ultimate Force (2006) 11/13/2007

First Look
The Amateurs 2/12/2008
The Contract 7/24/2007
King of California 1/29/2008

The Architect 12/5/2006
Bubble 5/1/2007
District B13 5/22/2007
The Host 7/24/2007
The Lost City 5/1/2007
One Last Thing 9/26/2006
The War Within 2/20/2007
The World's Fastest Indian 2/13/2007

Zombie Farm BLB Media 2/4/2008
Ten, The (DE) City Lights 1/15/2008
Demo: South Park - Good Times With Weapons Demo*
Dragon's Lair Digital Leisure 8/14/2007
Birthrite Gopherbroke Productions 2/4/2008
Pans Labyrinth New Line 12/26/07
P2 (UK, DE) Summit
Channels Vanguard Cinema 1/22/2008
Rain in the Mountains Vanguard Cinema 2/26/2008
Churning the Sea of Time Present Focus

(45) Music titles: (11 exclusive)

Concert Hot Spot
Dispatch: Zimbabwe - Live at Madison Square Garden 1/29/2008*
Guitarscape Planet 6/27/2006
Nature's Colors with the World's Greatest Music 2/27/2007
New Orleans Concert - The Music Of America's Soul 10/3/2006*
Stained Glass Christmas With Heavenly Carols 11/14/2006*
View From Space With Heavenly Music 6/6/2006

Eagle Rock
Alice Cooper - Live at Montreux 2005 10/31/2006
Deep Purple: Live at Montreux 2006 7/24/2007
Pat Metheny Group: The Way Up - Live 10/31/2006
Queen: Rock Montreal & Live Aid 12/4/2007
Santana: Hymns for Peace - Live at Montreux 2004 7/24/2007
Toto: Live in Amsterdam 1/23/2007
Yes: Live at Montreux 2003 7/24/2007

Chicago & Earth, Wind & Fire - Live at the Greek Theatre 12/12/2006
Heart - Alive in Seattle 12/12/2006
Manilow Live! 12/12/2006
Moody Blues, The: Lovely To See You Live 12/18/2007
R. Kelly: Live - The Light It Up Tour 12/18/2007
Roy Orbison: Black & White Night 12/18/2007

Opus Arte
Cecilia & Bryn at Glyndebourne: Arias & Duets 2/26/2008
A Midsummer Night's Dream 11/20/2007
Mozart - Die Zauberflote (The Magic Flute) 10/30/2007
Strauss: Die Fledermaus 1/29/2008
Tchaikovsky - Swan Lake 5/29/2007
Verdi: Il trovatore 3/25/2008

CREAM, Royal Albert Hall: London May 2-3-5-6 2005 11/14/2006
Eagles: Farewell 1 Tour - Live From Melbourne 11/14/2006
James Taylor: A Musicares Person of the Year Tribute 11/14/2006

Surround Records
Jazz Standards 8/15/2007
Mysterious Aqua 1/27/2008
Rachmaninov: Piano Concertos Nos. 2 & 3 4/4/2008
Space or Dream of Life 10/27/2007
Spatial Dynamics 10/27/2007
Uncommon Bach 6/25/2007
Uncommon Mozart 10/27/2007
The Way to Paradise 8/15/2007
Vivaldi: The Four Seasons 3/4/2008

Kukahi: Keali i Reichel Live In Concert (2007) Alternative Distribution Alliance 10/23/2007
Gustav Mahler: Symphony No. 2 Resurrection Euroarts 2/26/2008
Nine Inch Nails Live - Beside You in Time Interscope 2/27/2007
Method Man: Live From The Sunset Strip Music Video Distribution 1/22/2008
U2 - Rattle & Hum Paramount 8/8/2006
Motorhead: Stage Fright Steamhammer / Spv 10/23/2007
UFO: Showtime Steamhammer / Spv 4/8/2008
Led Zeppelin: The Song Remains the Same Warner 2/5/2008

(61) Documentary/other titles: (18 exclusive)

C&B Productions
Aquarium Impressions 3/18/2008
Fireplace Impressions 3/18/2008
Mystic Forests 3/18/2008

Discovery Channel
Sunrise Earth: American Sunrises Vol 1 12/18/2007 (4 disc set)
Sunrise Earth: America's Greatest Sunrises 12/18/07? (1 disc)
Discovery Atlas: Australia Revealed 1/30/2007
Discovery Atlas: Brazil Revealed 1/30/2007
Discovery Atlas: China Revealed 1/30/2007
Discovery Atlas: Italy Revealed 1/30/2007
Planet Earth (US Version) 7/31/2007

DVD International
Digital Video Essentials HD (HD DVD + DVD Combo Disc) 4/24/2007*
Digital Video Essentials: HD Basics 3/25/2008
HDScape Exotic Saltwater Aquarium 11/28/2006*
HDScape: Antartica Dreaming 2/27/2007*
HDScape: Fireplace - Visions of Tranquility 2/27/2007*
HDScape: HD DVD Sampler 2/27/2007*
HDScape: HD Window - Hawaii 2/27/2007*
HDScape: HD Window - The Great Southwest DVD 2/27/2007*
HDScape: Serenity - Southern Seas 2/27/2007*
HDScape: Visions of the Sea 2/27/2007*

HD Environments
Living Landscapes HD Bali 1/9/2008
Living Landscapes HD Rocky Mountains 1/8/2008
Living Landscapes: California Redwoods 12/20/2007
Living Landscapes: Fall In New England 12/20/2007
Living Landscapes: HD Costa Rica 1/31/2008
Living Landscapes: HD Hawaii 1/8/2008
Living Landscapes: HD Pacific Coast 12/20/2007
Living Landscapes: Olympic Rainforest 12/20/2007
Living Landscapes: Sacred Canyons of the American Southwest 12/20/2007
Living Landscapes: The Worlds Most Beautiful Places 6/12/2007

Best of GetOut! Volume 1 7/18/2006
Best of GetOut! Volume 2 7/18/2006
Best of World Report Volume 1 7/18/2006
Best of World Report Volume 2 7/18/2006
Bikini Destinations: Hawaii
Bikini Destinations: Lake Tahoe
Bikini Destinations: Mexico
Harlem Globetrotters: A Gift for the Troops

Bikini Destination: Triple Fantasy
Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room 5/1/2007
Shuttle Discovery 9/25/2006

Girls Gone Wild: Baby Bash Live & Uncensored 2/12/2008
Girls Gone Wild: Sex Race 4/8/2008
Girls Gone Wild: Sexiest Moments Ever, Vol. 2 12/11/2007

Jeff Putnam's Fly Fishing Schools
Single-Handed Fly Rod Casting Using Spey Casting Techniques
Spey Casting Instruction Volumes 1 & 2 Novice/ Intermediate
Spey Casting Instruction Volume 3 Advanced

Galapagos 10/2/2007
IMAX: Blue Planet 7/31/2007
March of the Penguins 3/27/2007
National Geographic - Relentless Enemies 3/27/2007
Planet Earth - The Complete BBC Series 4/24/2007
That's Entertainment 2 12/18/2007
That's Entertainment III 12/18/2007
That's Entertainment! 12/18/2007

Picture This Ally Distribution 12/11/2007
Apples & Oranges Alterna
Rocky Mountain Steam Trains Green Frog Productions 2007
Chronos Koch 12/5/2006
Nature's Journey Koch 9/11/2007
HDCandy Maxdef HDTV*
Dreaming Arizona The Picture Company 7/24/2007
Dreaming Nevada The Picture Company 10/2/2007
HD HQV Benchmark Silicon Optix
One Six Right Terwilliger 11/1/2006
Discoveries...Argentina Patagonia Bennett Watt HD Productions
Discoveries...America Music Sunrise, Sunset Bennett Watt HD Productions
Discoveries...America Music New England Bennett Watt HD Productions
Volcanoscapes Tropical Visions Video
The People and the Bay - The Story of Hamilton Harbour McMaster University 2007 (Canada)
Journey Along the Inside Passage Richard Olsenius 2007
Barely Dead - Saga of Modern Rollerblading Sadako
World Extreme Cagefighting: Halloween Fury 1 HDNet
World Extreme Cagefighting: Unfinished Business 2 HDNet

* = combo disc (total 94 titles: Paramount (1) + Universal (43) + WB (35) + other (15))
# = twin disc (6 titles - Freedom series

(1) Germany BD is theatrical cut while HD DVD US is unrated

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updated 2/11/15

Lists shows movie/country(s)/studio/release date. The studio and release date shown are from the country in which it was first released (for those titles released in more than one country).

An alternate List, by country, is shown in THIS POST.

Full release lists for the major import countries:

244 unique import titles.. 66 Exclusives are shown in red.

0 Pending releases dates in blue.

(120) Import movies/TV shows with English support

1408 Holland DFW 1/19/2008
2046 France (released only 100 copies to VIPS in Cannes 2006 Film Festival)
Abba: The Movie EU Polar 11/5/2007
Afro Samurai Japan Pony Canyon 2/20/2008
Alone in the Dark Germany Concorde 9/6/2007
American Haunting, An Spain DeA Planeta 7/10/2007
Arizona Dream EU Studio Canal 5/22/2007
Asterix and the Vikings France M6 Video 12/5/2007
Band of Brothers Volume 1 Japan Showgate 7/27/2007
Band of Brothers Volume 2 Japan Showgate 7/27/2007
Band of Brothers Volume 3 Japan Showgate 7/27/2007
Band of Brothers Volume 4 Japan Showgate 7/27/2007
Band of Brothers Volume 5 Japan Showgate 7/27/2007
Basic Instinct EU Studio Canal 11/29/2006
Becoming Jane UK BBC 9/10/2007
Bleak House UK BBC 2/11/2008
Bloodrayne Russia
Bridge to Terabithia, A Italy/Spain/France MovieMax 9/12/2007
Brother (Brat) Russia
Brotherhood of the Wolf France/UK Studio Canal 5/21/2007
Brothers Grimm Japan/Germany/Spain Toshiba 7/28/2006
Bug Germany Ascot Elite 12/6/2007
Crank Germany Universum 12/10/2007
Death at a Funeral Germany Concorde 12/3/2007
Death Proof Germany Senator
Death Sentence Germany Concorde 2/25/2008
Demo: CSI:NY season 2.1 Sommermorde Germany Imagion 1/14/2007
East is East UK film4 3/31/2008
Elephant Man France/UK Studio Canal 11/20/2006
Elephant's Dream Germany Imagion 10/14/2006
Enemy at the Gates France Fox Pathe 3/7/2007
Equilibrium Japan Toshiba 7/28/2006
Fantastic Four Germany Highlight 8/2/2007
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Germany Highlight 12/13/2007
Finding Neverland Japan Toshiba 4/28/2006
First Blood EU Studio Canal 11/20/2006
First Descent Germany Sunfilm 10/26/2007
Flyboys Holland DFW 11/27/2007
Fog, The EU Studio Canal 11/20/2006
Fragile Japan SHV 4/26/2007
Ghost Rider France M6 Video 10/24/2007
Gift, The Japan Toshiba 9/22/2006
Goal! Japan Toshiba 10/18/2006
Godsend Japan SHV 4/26/2007
Graduate, The EU Studio Canal 5/21/2007
Hannibal Rising Poland/Germany SPI 8/23/2007
Holiday, The EU/Japan Universal 6/21/2007
Home of the Brave Holland DFW 2/19/2008
Hoodwinked! Poland Monolith 2/6/2008
Hooligans Germany Ascot Elite 9/20/2007
[B]Horem Pàdem Czechoslovakia Annonce
Hotel Babylon--Series 1 UK 2 Entertain Video 11/12/2007
In the Land of Women Italy Mondo 4/23/2008
In the Shadow of the Moon UK film4 3/31/2008
Island, The EU Warner 6/27/2007
Jackal, The Germany Concorde 9/6/2007
Jersey Girl Japan Toshiba 8/25/2006
Katyn Poland TiM 3/20/2008
Killing Me Softly Japan Toshiba 12/22/2006
King Kong (1976) EU Studio Canal 11/29/2006
La Haine EU Studio Canal 11/28/2006
La Vie En Rose France TF1 Video 11/22/2007
Lara Croft - Tomb Raider 2: The Cradle of Life Germany Concorde 9/6/2007
Last Legion, The Spain DeA Planeta 1/30/2008
Leaving Las Vegas France/UK Studio Canal 5/21/2007
Lord of War Holland DFW 11/27/2007
Machinist, The Japan Toshiba 9/22/2006
Magic Flute, The Japan Showgate 1/25/2008
Messengers, The Holland DFW 2/19/2008
Motorcycle Diaries, The UK film4 3/31/2008
Moonlight Jellyfish(1) Japan Toshiba 3/31/2006
Mr. and Mrs. Smith Poland Monolith 5/16/2007
Mr. Brooks Russia Lizard
Mulholland Drive France/UK Studio Canal 5/21/2007
Mystery of the Nile Spain Orbita Max 12/19/2007
Naqoyqatsi - Life as War Japan Toshiba 4/18/2007
Oliver Twist Japan Toshiba 8/25/2006
Out of Time Japan Toshiba 11/24/2006
Patlabor 2 Japan Bandai Visual 8/24/2007
Patlabor: The Movie Japan Bandai Visual 7/27/2007
Perfume: The Story of a Murderer Germany/Spain Highlight 3/15/2007
Peter & the Wolf Germany digim
Power of Fear, The Russia Lizard
Premonition Germany Kinowelt 3/20/2008
Prestige, The EU/Japan Warner 6/4/2007
Rambo III EU Studio Canal 11/20/2006
Rambo: First Blood part 2 EU Studio Canal 11/20/2006
Reign of Fire Japan Toshiba 11/15/2006
Renaissance (2) France/Germany Fox Pathe 9/27/2006
Rescue Dawn Holland DFW 2/19/2008
Reservoir Dogs Holland DFW 11/27/2007
Resident Evil Germany/Japan Highlight 9/27/2007
Resident Evil: Apocalypse Germany Highlight 9/27/2007
Resident Evil: Extinction Germany Highlight 2/14/2008
Robin Hood--Series 1 UK 2 Entertain Video 10/29/2007
Running Scared Germany/Holland EMS GmbH 11/30/2006
Saw Germany Kinowelt 2/8/2008
Saw III Holland DFW 11/27/2007
Sconosciuta, La Italy Medusa 12/15/2007
Serpico Germany/France Kinowelt 5/21/2007
Sexy Beast UK film4 3/31/2008
Silent Hill Germany Concorde 9/6/2007
Strip Mind Germany Laser Paradise 1/21/2008
Swiadek Koronny (The State Witness) Poland TiM 1/10/2008
Terminator 2: Judgement Day France/UK/Germany Studio Canal 5/21/2007
Testosteron Poland TiM 11/8/2007
Three Days of the Condor France/Germany Studio Canal 5/21/2007
Tideland Germany Concorde 11/5/2007
Torchwood UK 2 Entertain Video 6/30/2008
Totall Recall EU Studio Canal 11/20/2006
Touching the Void UK film4 3/31/2008
Triplettes de Bellville, Les France France Televisions 10/31/2007
Tristan + Isolde Holland DFW 2/19/2008
Trust the Man Italy Mondo 2/18/2008
Twenty Thousand Streets Under the Sky UK 2 Entertain Video 11/12/2007
Two Brothers France Fox Pathe 3/7/2007
U Pana Boga w ogródku Poland TiM 10/12/2007
Under Siege 2: Dark Territory EU Warner 9/12/2007
Underworld Germany/Holland/Japan Concorde 9/6/2007
Underworld: Evolution Poland/Spain Best Film 4/1/2007
War Russia Lizard
Wish You Were Here Germany Galileo 9/6/2007
xXx Japan Toshiba 12/20/2006

(56) Import movies/TV shows with NO English support:

400 Blows, The France MK2 10/24/2007
5 Centimeters per Second Japan ComixWave 4/18/2008
Antidur Russia CP Digital 1/24/2008
Apocalypto Poland Monolith 8/29/2007
Army of Shadows France Studio Canal 5/21/2007
Arthur and the Invisibles Poland Monolith 12/3/2007
Ashura-jo no Hitomi Japan SHV 8/30/2006
Aventuriers, Les Japan Showgate 12/21/2007
Blood Brothers (Velvet Rain) Japan Toshiba 4/27/2007
Brave Story Japan Warner 8/25/2006
Bronzes 3, Les - Amis pour la Vie France Studio Canal 11/19/2007
Bronzes, Les France Studio Canal 11/19/2007
Bronzes, Les - Font Du Ski France Studio Canal 11/19/2007
Casshern Italy Dolmen 3/18/2008
Chevaliers Du Ciel, Les France Fox Pathe 3/7/2007
Choristes, Les France Fox Pathe 3/7/2007
Coeur des hommes, le France Warner 10/12/2007
Curse of the Golden Flower France, Poland Warner 10/24/2007
Downfall Spain SAV 12/20/2006
Esteban et Zia (Seven Cities of Gold) France Inedit
Fall Guy Japan SHV 12/22/2006
For a Few Dollars More Italy Mondo 4/23/2008
Gendarmes, Les France Warner 11/14/2007
Ghost of Mae Nak, The Germany Nixbu 1/1/2007
Graf Montenegro Russia Twister Digital Video 3/30/2007
Grande Vadrouille France Studio Canal 5/21/2007
Hero Germany/Holland Highlight 10/12/2007
Hidden Blade, The Japan SHV 11/28/2007
Keitai Keiji - The Movie Japan Happinet 8/25/2006
Keitai Keiji - The Movie 2 Japan Happinet 3/21/2008
Kirikou et les betes sauvages France Warner 10/31/2007
Love And Honor (Bushi No Ichibun) Japan SHV 11/28/2007
My Name Is Nobody Italy Mondo 4/23/2008
Neues vom Wixxer Germany Ufa/DVD 12/7/2007
Oficerowie 1 Poland TVP 2/7/2007
Oficerowie 2 Poland TVP 2/7/2007
Oldboy Japan Toshiba 7/28/2006
Pacchigi! Japan Happinet 5/26/2006
Paragraph 78 Russia CP Digital 1/24/2008
Place Promised in Our Early Days, The Japan ComixWave 4/18/2008
Prete-moi ta Main France Studio Canal 5/21/2007
Project Papo Japan
Rahxephon Japan Media Factory 3/23/07
Ran France Studio Canal 5/21/2007
Shinobi Japan/France SHV 4/28/2006
Suna no utsuwa (Castle of Sand) Japan SHV 6/24/2006
Svolochi Russia Paradise Group 3/23/2007
Taxi 4 Poland TiM 11/3/2007
Tiger and the Snow, The Italy Mondo 4/17/2007
Tin Drum, The Japan Gaga 2/1/2008
Twilight Samurai Japan SHV 11/28/2007
Uninvited, The Japan Toshiba 1/26/2007
Vexille Japan Avex Entertainment 1/25/2008
Volcano High Japan Toshiba 9/22/2006
Winx Club Italy 01 Distribution 3/5/2008
Yellow Handkerchief Of Happiness (Shiawase no kiiroi hankachi) Japan SHV 12/22/2006
Zidane France Universal 12/5/2006

(62) Import non-movies: (37 exclusive)

Music (12):
AAA 2nd Anniversary Live 5th Attack Japan Avex Trax 1/9/2008
Boheme, La UK Opus Arte 3/3/2008
Herbert Gronemeyer Germany Imagion 11/16/2007
Jimi Hendrix Experience--Live at Monterey UK Universal Music 12/10/2007
Kanye West - Late Orchestration UK Universal Music 11/5/2007
Love is Born Japan Avex Trax 1/1/2008
On Stage at World Café Live Germany in-akustik GmbH & Co.KG 3/21/2007
Overtime Japan Video Arts 8/2/2006
Robbie Williams: Live at the Albert UK EMI 12/3/2007
Take That: Ultimate Tour UK Universal Music 11/5/2007
Till Bronner Germany SPV 3/27/2008
Tokyo Solo 2002: The 150th Concert In Japan Japan Video Arts 5/24/2006
Safari: Joey Live in Concert (Chinese HD DVD release!)
Horem Pàdem
(Chech import!)
Seal - One Night to Remember Making Of HD DVD Germany (never released)

Sports (9):

Japan: Fantasista
2006 Fifa World Cup Germany: All Goals3/2/2007
2006 Fifa World Cup Germany: Germany National Team 4/27/2007
2006 Fifa World Cup Germany: Italy National Team4/27/2007
2006 Fifa World Cup Germany: Japan National Team 4/27/2007

Japan: Pony Canyon
Chuo Keiba G1 Race 2006 Sohu Hen 5/16/2007
Chuo Keiba G1 Race 2007 Sohu Hen 3/19/2008
Deep Impact 4/27/2007
Kiyoshi Sugimoto: 21st Century Historical Horses Chapter 1 12/19/2007*
Kiyoshi Sugimoto: 21st Century Historical Horses Chapter 2 12/19/2007*

Doc/other (39):
Rides vol 1 Germany Nixbu 1/23/2007
Rides vol 2 Germany Nixbu 1/23/2007
Rides vol 3 Germany Nixbu 1/23/2007
Bali Germany WVG Medien GmbH 5/16/2007
Bis zum Anfang der Welt: Africa Germany rtv-studio 6/6/2007
Bugs! Germany Ascot Elite 5/10/2007
Amazing Planet Holland DFW 2/19/2008
Demo: Sabra Super Extra Japan*
True Blue Japan Toshiba 6/28/2006

Japan: Nest
Railway Story: France part 1 Japan Nest 11/28/2007*
Railway Story: France part 2 Japan Nest 11/28/2007*
Railway Story: China North part 1 Japan Nest 12/19/2007*
Railway Story: China North part 2 Japan Nest 12/19/2007*
Railway Story: Germany part 1 Japan Nest 1/23/2008*
Railway Story: Germany part 2 Japan Nest 1/23/2008*
Railway Story: Canada part 1 Japan Nest 2/27/2008*
Railway Story: Canada part 2 Japan Nest 2/27/2008*
Railway Story: China South part 1 Japan Nest 3/26/2008*
Railway Story: China South part 2 Japan Nest 3/26/2008*

Japan: Pony Canyon
Best Live: Jack Pot (Ogiyahagi) 12/20/2006
Kyoto: scenes of four seasons 12/19/2007*
Mayumi Ono Overture 6/21/2006*
Mountain Images 12/20/2006
Unfair the special - Code Breaking Ango Kaidoku 4/4/2007
Virtual Trip: China - Gullin 10/3/2007*
Virtual Trip: China - Wulingyuan / Zhangjiajie 12/5/2007*
Virtual Trip: Hawaii 7/5/2006*
Virtual Trip: Hokkaido 8/8/2007*
Virtual Trip: Ibiza 9/5/2007*
Virtual Trip: Koyasan 12/5/2007*
Virtual Trip: Kumano 9/5/2007*
Virtual Trip: Maldives 8/8/2007*
Virtual Trip: Music Edition - Islands with Gontiti 6/28/2006*
Virtual Trip: Music Edition - The VIEW with Jazztronik 12/5/2007*
Virtual Trip: Nostalgia 4/7/2006*
Virtual Trip: Snow Fantasy 10/3/2007*
Virtual Trip: Tahiti 7/5/2006*
Virtual Trip: The Movie - Fascinating Nature 4/7/2006*
Virtual Trip: Tokyo Twilght From the Air 11/7/2007*
Virtual Trip: Yakushima 11/7/2007*
Yozakura 4/7/2006*

* = Twin Discs (HD DVD-15 and DVD-5 on the same side): 30 total
There are only two combo titles: the UK TV shows Hotel Babylon (3 discs) and Robin Hood (4 discs)

(1) bundled with first Japanese player (HD-XA1) and never released separately
(2) Only the German version is English friendly (English audio but no subs)

Number of exclusives in March 2008: 134

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edited 2/16/14

Adult titles: 74 total

Digital Playground: (32 titles)
Ass Addiction 3/28/2008
Babysitters 11/20/2007
C*ckAsian 12/21/2007
Contract Star 12/14/2007
Deeper 12/14/2007
Deeper 2 2/22/2008
Devon Decadence 3/14/2008
Hush 11/6/2007
Intoxicated 1/4/2008
Island Fever 3 1/30/2007
Island Fever 4 10/23/2007
Jack's Big Ass Show 1 12/21/2007
Jack's Playground 27 12/21/2007
Jack's Playground 28 1/25/2008
Jack's POV vol.1 12/14/2007
Jack's POV vol.2 2/1/2008
Jack's Teen America: Mission 3 3/6/2007
Jack's Teen America: Mission 4 12/28/2007
Jack's Teen America: Mission 5 1/4/2008
Jesse Jane Image 1/18/2008
Jesse Jane in Pink 12/21/2007
Jesse's Juice 12/28/2007
Lascivious Liasons 1/11/2008
Mrs. Behavin' 12/28/2007
My First Porn 1/25/2008
Pirates 2/6/2007
Porcelain 2/1/2008
Sexual Freak 10/9/2007
Shay Jordan Scream 2/15/2008
Sophia Santi's Juice 1/18/2008
Teagan: Sexual Freak 2 12/28/2007
Teagan's Juice 1/4/2008

All other adult titles: (40 titles) (24 exclusive)
Dinner Party 3 3/10/2008 AdamEve
Eden 1/15/2008 AdamEve
Lady Scarface 9/29/2007 AdamEve
Rawhide 3/10/2008 AdamEve
Girlgasmic 1/21/2008 Anabolic
Jenna Haze Oil Orgy 4/4/2007 CD
Luxury Lovers Vol. 1 4/4/2007 CD
Pinup Perversions 12/25/2007 ClubJenna
HD DVD Sampler ?/?/07 Digital Sin
Slave Room : Perfect Master Riko (Japanese import) 8/11/2006 Glayz
Dreamcummers 3/?/07 HDHE
Girls Gone Skiing 4/11/2007 HDHE
Barely Legal: 75th Collector's Edition 1/22/2008 Hustler
Da Vinci Load 1+2, The 12/11/2007 Hustler
Mary Carey: Woman of the Year 1/25/2008 K-Beech
HD Double-D's 1/29/2008 Kick
Taboo 23 12/11/2008 Metro
Texas Vibrator Massacre 4/10/2008 Metro
Dark Angels 2: Bloodline 1/28/2008 New
Airgazmic 6/28/2008 Platinum
Lust In Time 4/19/2007 Platinum
Jason Colt: The Mystery of the Sexy Diamonds 3/12/2008 Private
Ransom (all male) 1/9/2008 Pulse
Upload 1/3/2008 SexZ
Sodom 4 1/24/2008 Sin
Big Boob Orgy 1/22/2008 Third
Dreamgirlz 9/25/2007 Third
Punk Rock Punishment 12/3/2007 Tight
Debbie Does Dallas...Again 4/18/2007 Vivid
Stood Up 8/28/2007 Vivid
Sunny Experiment, The 12/27/2007 Vivid
Black Widow 4/2/2008 Wicked
Camp Cuddly Pines Powertool Massacre 12/29/2006 Wicked
Coming Home 1/29/2008 Wicked
Curse Eternal 4/10/2007 Wicked
Mobster's Ball 8/7/2007 Wicked
Operation: Desert Stormy 1/29/2008 Wicked
Girlvana 3 9/5/2007 Zero
Anal Fever 3/5/08 Fanta Dream
Interactive Sex with Bree Olson 2/19/2008 Zero

French Adult titles:
Les Fantasmes de la Presidente

German Adult titles:
The Specialist (has English language track)

Demos/Promo discs:
These have been moved to post #5.

Titles with multiples encodes: Titles in bold are either the US version, the "best" version , or the earliest (in that order of priority) and thus considered the "master version". 46 Titles

12 Monkeys (US) Universal 10/24/06
12 Monkeys (DE) Concorde 9/6/07
2006 Fifa World Cup: All Goals (JP) Fantasista 3/2/07 [much longer cut, better PQ, no commentary]
2006 Fifa World Cup: All Goals (UK) Int. Licensing 3/5/07 [English commentary]
Alexander Revisited (US) Warner 9/18/07
Alexandre (FR) Fox Pathe unknown release date [theatrical cut]
Alpha Dog (US) Universal 5/1/07
Alpha Dog (DE) Concorde 10/1/07
Appleseed Ex Machina (US) Warner 4/21/08
Appleseed Ex Machina (JP) Pony Canyon 3/14/08 [box set: 3 DVD, 1 HD DVD]
Babel (US) Paramount 2/20/07
Babel (JP) Gaga 11/2/07
Black Xmas (US) Weinstein 6/12/07
Black Xmas (DE) Concorde 12/3/07 [theatrical cut]
Bridge to Terabithia (IT) MovieMax 9/12/07
Bridge to Terabithia (FR) M6 Video 11/7/07
Bridge to Terabithia (SP) SAV 11/12/07
Brothers Grimm (JP) Toshiba 7/28/06
Brothers Grimm (SP) SAV 12/20/06
Brothers Grimm (DE) Concorde 9/6/07
The Chronicles of Riddick (US) 5/23/06
The Chronicles of Riddick (JP) 5/26/06
Curse of the Golden Flower (FR) Warner 10/24/07
Curse of the Golden Flower (PL) Best Film 10/25/07 [incorrect 1.78:1 aspect ratio]
Full Metal Jacket (US) Warner 10/23/07 [reissue]
Full Metal Jacket (US) Warner 5/16/06
Hannibal Rising (DE) Universum 12/3/07
Hannibal Rising (PL) SPI 8/23/07 [incorrect 1.78:1 aspect ratio]
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (US) Warner 12/11/07
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (UK) Warner 11/12/07 [different cut with some changed dialogue]
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (US) Warner 12/11/07
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (UK) Warner 11/12/07 [HD bonus disc]
Hero (DE) Highlight 10/12/07
Hero (NL) DFW 2/19/08
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (US) Paramount 7/25/06
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (DE) Concorde 9/6/07
March of the Penguins (US) Warner 3/27/07
March of the Penguins (JP) Gaga 12/21/07
Miami Vice (US) Universal 12/5/06
Miami Vice (UK) Universal 1/29/07 [theatrical cut]
Pans Labyrinth (US) 12/26/07
Pans Labyrinth (FR) Wide Side Video 7/3/07 [boxed set: 3 DVD, 1 CD, 1 HD DVD]
Pans Labyrinth (UK) Optimum 1/21/08
Perfume: Story of a Murderer (DE) Highlight 3/15/07
Perfume: Story of a Murderer (SP) Filmax 4/25/07
Phantom of the Opera (US) Warner 4/18/06
Phantom of the Opera (JP) Gaga 12/21/07
Phantom of the Opera (DE) Concorde 9/6/07
The Pianist (US) Universal 1/8/08
The Pianist (JP) Toshiba 8/25/06
The Pianist (UK) Optimum 12/11/06
The Pianist (SP) DeA Planeta 12/20/06
Planet Earth (US) Warner 4/24/07
Planet Earth (UK) 2 Entertain Video 11/12/07 [has HD bonus disc]
Planet Earth (JP) Geneon 1/25/08 (vols 1-2), 2/22/08 (vols 3-5), 3/21/08 (vols 6-8), 4/25/08 (vols 8-11)
The Prestige (UK) Warner 6/4/07
The Prestige (JP) Gaga 1/1/08
Renaissance (DE) Ascot Elite 3/22/07 [English audio but no subs]
Renaissance (FR) Fox Pathe 9/27/06 [no English audio or subs]
Resident Evil (DE) Highlight 9/27/07
Resident Evil (JP) Showgate 12/21/07
Running Scared (DE) EMS GmbH 11/30/06 [much better transfer than Dutch version]
Running Scared (NL) DFW 11/27/07
Sahara (US) Paramount 7/25/06
Sahara (JP) Gaga 2/1/08 ["open matte" 1.78:1 aspect ratio]
Shinobi (JP) SHV 4/28/06
Shinobi (FR) Kaze 2/4/08
Terminator 2: Judgement Day (DE) Kinowelt 3/20/08 [director's cut]
Terminator 2: Judgement Day (FR) Studio Canal 5/21/07 [also has theatrical cut (with forced subs on separate disc]
Troy (US) Warner 9/18/07 [director's cut]
Troy (US) Warner 9/12/06
U-571 (US) Universal 5/23/06
U-571 (JP) Gaga 2/1/08 ["open matte" 1.78 aspect ratio]
Underworld (DE) Concorde 9/6/07 [only extended cut available]
Underworld (JP) Gaga 2/1/08 [only lossless version]
Underworld (NL) DFW 11/27/07 [has extras not on the other 2]
Underworld: Evolution (SP) Filmax 4/24/07
Underworld: Evolution (PL) Best Film 4/1/07 [incorrect 1.78 aspect ratio]
We Were Soldiers (US) Paramount 8/1/06
We Were Soldiers (DE) Concorde 9/6/07
Living Landscapes: (one of the nine individual titles) VC-1 encode, 2 channel audio, 1 hour episodes
Living Landscapes: (nine disc set) mpeg-2 encode, 5.1 channel audio, 20 min. episodes, slightly better PQ
The World's Fastest Indian (US) Magnolia 2/13/07
The World's Fastest Indian [Burt Munro] (FR) France Television 5/30/07 (original 2.35:1 aspect ratio)

The Deer Hunter (UK) Optimum (different cut: shorter running time)

The titles below were discovered by Marco (Logodaddy). Thanks Marco!

Babel (polish version) 1080i, 1.78:1, DTS HD ES 6.1
Babel (french version) 1080p, DTS HD Master Audio, length 2h10

16 blocks (dutch version) 1.85:1, DTS HD Master Audio
Lucky Number Slevin (italian version) 2.35:1, DTS HD Master Audio, VC-1
Lucky Number Slevin (polish version) 1080i, VC-1, DTS HD-Master Audio

The Good Shepherd (polish version) 1.78:1
The Good Shepard DFW 1080i, dts-HD Master Audio

Alpha Dog (Moviemax/Mondo Home Entertainment) DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 audio

Traffic (Studio Canal) Better PQ (non upscaled 480p like Universal release), 1.77 AR, DTS-HD Master Audio

Pans Labyrinth (Germany) from Senator. The encoding was done by Imagion and comes with Dynamic HD.
Audio is German DTS-HD 6.1 and Spanish DTS-HD 5.1 High Res

Le Maître D'Armes (Fearless) (France). Aspect Ratio 2,35:1
Audio is French 5.1 DTS HD Master Audio, Mandarin 5.1 DTS HD High Res and English DD 2.0
English subs

Hot Fuzz (Studio Canal) 5.1 ES Master Audio and English 5.1 ES High Res

The Good Shepherd (Studio Canal) 2.35:1 English DTS-HD Master Audio

Mr. Bean's Holiday (EU version is 160 seconds longer, as U.S. version was cut to avoid PG rating)

The Shining (EU version is 25 minutes shorter [119 minutes vs. 144])

Pitch Black (EU version is 220 seconds shorter)

Combo discs available as non-combos: (42 total)

10/2/07 Warner re-issues of combos as non-combos: 11
The Ant Bully
The Departed
The Fountain
Good Night, and Good Luck
Happy Feet
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Lady in the Water
The Lake House
Letters From Iwo Jima
Rumor Has It...
Superman Returns

Other WB combos available as non-combos: 11
300 (available as pack-in with A3, A30 and A35 HD DVD players)
16 Blocks (UK) 6/18/07
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (DE) 3/20/08
The Brave One (UK) 3/3/08
Firewall (UK) 11/20/06
The Invasion (UK) 3/17/08
License to Wed (UK) 2/18/08
Complete Matrix Triology (US)
No Reservations (UK) 2/18/08
Ocean's 13 (UK) 11/5/07
The Reaping (UK) 8/20/07
TMNT (UK) 10/22/07

Universal combo reissues as non-combos: 2
Army of Darkness 6/26/07*
Unleashed 6/26/07

Other Universal combos available as non-combos: 18
American Gangster (UK) 3/10/08
An American Werewolf in London (UK) 4/16/07
Atonement (UK) 3/10/08
The Bourne Ultimatum (UK) 12/10/07
Children of Men (UK) 5/7/07
Elizabeth: The Golden Age (UK) 2/25/08
Evan Almighty (UK) 11/26/07
The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift (UK) 12/26/06
The Hitcher (UK) 10/1/07
Hot Fuzz (UK) 8/6/07
Jet Li's Fearless (UK) 11/26/07
The Kingdom (UK) 1/28/08
Knocked Up (UK) 12/26/07
Land of the Dead (UK) 10/19/07*
Miami Vice (UK) 1/29/07
Mr. Bean's Holiday (UK) 8/20/07
The Scorpian King (UK) 11/26/07*
Smokin' Aces (UK) 5/7/07
HD DVD Sampler (EU)

Amazon HDNet titles (48): These are 25-50 min HDNet docs sold only via for a very short window after release (probably a few weeks). They are 1080i mpeg2 recorded on a DVD-r, so whether these need to be included with the others as part of an essential HD DVD collection is debatable. I chose not to include them, as most have even been verified to exist and mainly because of just being low grade docs on DVD-r, so you have to draw the line somewhere I suppose.

Ordered by release date on

HDNet World Report: Pakistan: The Generals Dilemma

Art Mann Presents: Crazyness In Austin
Bikini Destinations: Buzios
Bikini Destinations: Puerto Vallarta
Face 2 Face with Roy Firestone: Boeheim
HDNet World Report: Alaska and the Rise of Global Warming
HDNet World Report: Israel: A Land Divided
HDNet World Report: Protests in America (V)

Art Mann Presents: Mile High Madness
Art Mann Presents: Playboy Golf
Bikini Destinations Wildside : Ft. Lauderdale (V)
Caribbean Workout Featuring Rebound Exercises
Face 2 Face with Roy Firestone: Jeremy Roenick
Get Out! Las Vegas Extreme
Get Out! Las Vegas Showgirls
HDNet World Report: The Shuttle Returns To Service (V)
Higher Definition: Jamie Foxx, Peter Chelso
Smart Travels Europe: French Riviera (V)
Smart Travels Europe: Greek Islands (V)
True Music with Katie Daryl: Charlie Mars, Katy Rose
True Music: Kottonmouth Kings, Slum Village, Public Enemy
Young Beautiful & Trying to Make it in Hollywood: Angela bares (nearly) all
Young Beautiful & Trying to Make it in Hollywood: Trashy Lingerie

Art Mann Presents: Arizona Adventure
Smart Travels: Athens and Delphi
Smart Travels: Milan and Lake Como
Smart Travels: Renaissance Europe
Smart Travels: Sicily (V)

3 on 3 Hoop Fest
Dan Rather Reports: Coming Home
Dan Rather Reports: Survivors of the Storms
Dan Rather Reports: The Best Congress Money Can Buy
Gilley's Behind The Bull featuring music of Forty5 South
Gilley's Behind The Bull featuring music of Jarrod Birmingham
HDNet World Report: Pakistan and Holland Disasters Key New Alternatives
HDNet World Report: Working Within The Law
Off Court, On Fire 2003/04

HDNet World Report: Hurricanes and Healthcare

2004 Dallas Mavericks Dancer Tryout
Get Out! Palm Beach
HDNet World Report: Iraq at Ease
HDNet World Report: Russias Unfinished Transition
HDNet World Report: The Demolished Wall
Higher Definition: Robert Duvall, Lisa Cholodenk
Smart Travels: Classical Europe (V)
Smart Travels: Europe's Getaways
True Music with Katie Daryl: Fate's Union
True Music:Visit SXSW with Adem, Brilliant, Mistakes, The Real Heroes, & The Mercury Stars

* = catalog combo

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Nice list. Besides the HDNet DVD-Rs do you have them all?
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Updated 8/26/15

A/V Demo Discs:
D1 The Sound of High Definition
D2 2008 High Definition Audio Demonstration Disc
D3 DTS-HD Master Audio Presentation Disc
D4 2007 DTS-HD Master Audio Presentation Disc
D5 Universal Studios Branding Trailer 2007 11/17/06
D7 Revised 2007 DEMO DISC
D8 2006 Toshiba HD DVD Demonstration Disc
D9 HD Perfection (Mitsubishi demo disc)
D10 Toshiba "Greece" HD DVD Demo Disc

D11 2006 HD DVD Demonstration Disc
D12 2006 DTS Alive! Demo Disc
D13 2006-2007 HD DVD Demonstration Disc
D14 2008 Demo Disc
D15 Sonopress HD DVD demo disc (Germany)
D16 Concorde HD DVD Promo disc (Germany)
D17 Japanese demo disc (white)
D18 Japanese demo disc (red)
D19 CDA demo disc
D20 Maxell Cleaning Disc No 1

D21 Maxell Cleaning Disc No 2
D22 Toshiba HD DVD Demonstration Disc (with "Greece" and "In Store Demo")
D23 Studio Canal Promotional Trailer (French) pic 2
D24 Warner Brothers Demo Disc (French) pic 2
D25 DTS-HD Master Audio Presentation Disc (3 tracks only) pic 2 pic 3
D26 Universal Branding Trailer (dated 1/25/07)
D27 Burosch calibration disc (German) 2007
D28 Burosch calibration disc #2 (German) 2007
D29 HD SUISSE HD DVD demo disc (Switzerland)
D30 ORF HD DVD Demo Disc (Austria)

D31 Japanese 3xDVD demo disc
D32 HD DVD Hybrid Demo Disc CES 2006 (added 2/23/13)
D33 Universal Branding Trailer rev.v.2 & Mobile Exp. Trailer Reel, v.2 (added 2/23/13)
D34 Universal HD-DVD Demo Disc (clips from Jarhead, Chronicles of Riddick, Serenity) (added 2/23/13)
D35 Cedia Expo 2005 Demo Disc (added 2/23/13)
D36 Rezga Demo Disc (added 2/23/13)
D37 Universal Branding Trailer 3/22/07 (added 2/23/13)
D38 Universal Branding Trailer 12/15/06 (added 2/23/13)
D39 Toshiba Twin Disc Demo (Spain, Greece, Okinawa) (added 2/23/13)
D40 VSDA Project V2 Demo/Check Disc (added 2/23/13)

D41 Miami Vice U-control demo + trailer (added 2/23/13)
D42 CES 2007 Freedom Vol. 1 Demo Disc added 4/4/13
D43 French Warner Brothers Demo Disc added 5/23/13
D44 Ulead Demo Disc (added 6/28/13)
D45 Universal Promo Reel (2006) (added 2/8/14)
D46 Freedom 1 Demo Disc (added 2/8/14)
D47 Universal Compilation BANDES ANNONCE Octubre 2007 (added 2/8/14)
D48 Toshiba - Domestic 8/22/07 (added 8/29/14)
D49 infoComm/Extron Shoot-Out Software 2.0 HD DVD (added 9/27/14)
D50 Sonic HD DVD Demo Disc

D51 30 Days of Night HD DVD Sample (added 1/17/15)
D52 "Now Playing" Demo disc (WMV wave files) (added 1/28/15)
D53 HD DVD demo Disc "Now Playing"
D54 2008 CES Demo Disc
D55 Toshiba HD DVD Seamless Playback Test Disc 1
D56 Dutch Film Works Promo HD DVD

Promo Discs: Those below with exclusive HD DVD content are also listed as unique titles where noted:
P1 Sabra Super Extra promo disc[from Japanese mag] (also listed in Post #2, under Import non-movies)
P2 Nine Inch Nails HD DVD promo disc
P3 CSI: NY Season 2.1 promo disc [from German mag] (also listed in post #2, under English Movies/TV shows with English support)
P4 Planet Earth: Pole to Pole promo disc (1 episode)
P5 Starship Enterprise [Star Trek: TOS disc 1] German promo disc
P6 South Park: Good Times with Weapons promo disc (also listed in post #1, under Other Studio's movies)
P7 French Studio Canal Promo Disc - January 2008 HD DVD Trailers
P8 Pan's Labyrinth Promo Disc (combo disc issued in June '07 French magazine "Lees Annees Laser")
P9 Shinobi (promo from French mag L'annees Laser)
P10 EMI Trailer (Herbert Gronemeyer - German)

P11 Brasilien (supplement in 11/07 German Homevision mag. Content identical to Discovery Atlas: Brazil Revealed HD DVD, except with German Audio)
P12 c't Archiv 1983-2007 (pressed data disc included as supplement from German IT mag)
P13 Spinning Discs v 1.0
P14 French combo promo disc
P15 Paramount HD DVD trailers (DVD-9)
P16 IMAGION - IFA Promotion HD DVD
P17 Toshiba Trailer Disc 11/04/2007
P18 2004 Toshiba Promo DVD
P19 Star Trek Season 1 HD DVD Promo Cutdown
P20 Concorde trailer disc of Silent Hill Germany
P21 Darty Transformers promo

Check discs:
C1 That's the Way of the World
C2 Million Dollar Baby
C3 Charlie Wilson's War
C4 Mission: Impossible III (trailer only)
C5 300 (trailer only)
C6 Bonnie and Clyde
C7 Lara Fabian music only, ISO file (added 6/28/13)
C8 Sudokia, video game (added 6/28/13)
C9 Manda Bala ISO file (added 7/4/13)
C10 War/Dance ISO file (added 7/4/13)

C11 Hairspray [2 disc set] (added 7/29/13)
C12 The Seven Mile Miracle ISO file (added 10/7/13)
C13 Green Day: Bullet in a Bible ISO file (added 2/8/14)
C14 First 15 GB HD DVD Test Disc 2003 (added 2/8/14)
C15 DCA Disctag HD DVD Test (added 2/9/14)
C16 Air Force 2 (added 1/4/15)
C17 HDVC HD DVD disc by (added 1/6/15)
C18 Toshiba HD Navigation Files Test Disc Vol.1
C19 Toshiba HD Navigation Files Test Disc Vol.2
C20 Big Ideas for a Small Planet

Post-format war releases (all HD DVD-r or DVD-r)[/B]
Deadlands 2 (3/25/10) Anthem
Deadlands 1 (12/16/10)
One Last Hope (Swedish)
All in the Game (12/6/11)
Aaron's House (1/21/12)
Zombie Farm reissue (different cut) (2/15/12)
Dementia (3/15/12)

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I think this comprehensive list could be stickied as well, I already went ahead with it. I hope Bruce doesn't have anything against it.

I noticed that Goal! is classified as non-English friendly release but I wonder if that's most fitting since in my understanding it has very little Spanish dialogue and is mostly in English. I still haven't watched mine though
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Originally Posted by kannisto View Post
I think this comprehensive list could be stickied as well, I already went ahead with it. I hope Bruce doesn't have anything against it.

I noticed that Goal! is classified as non-English friendly release but I wonder if that's most fitting since in my understanding it has very little Spanish dialogue and is mostly in English. I still haven't watched mine though
Thanks for the sticky (of course I don't mind )
Good point about Goal! Since most of it is in English, I'll move it over to the English friendly list.
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Great list

What about the "Beautiful Planet" series of HD-DVDs available on

* Beautiful Planet: Croatia - Dubrovnik & Ragusa [HD DVD]
* Beautiful Planet: Cuba - La Havana & Trinidad [HD DVD]
* Beautiful Planet: Czech Republic - Prague & Cesky Krumlow [HD DVD]
* Beautiful Planet: England - Westminster & Royal Botanic Gardens [HD DVD]
* Beatiful Planet: France - Orange & Avignon [HD DVD]
* Beautiful Planet - Germany -Würzburg & Reichenau [HD DVD]
* Beautiful Planet: Germany - Bamberg & Speyer [HD DVD]
* Beatiful Planet: Italy - Alberobello - Portovenere & Cinque Terre [HD DVD]
* Beautiful Planet: Italy - Sacri Monti [HD DVD]
* Beatiful Planet: Poland - Torun & The Castle of Malbork [HD DVD]
* Beatiful Planet: Portugal - Oporto & Guimaraes [HD DVD]
* Beautiful Planet: Portugal - Spain - Lisbon & Cordoba [HD DVD]
* Beautiful Planet: Österreich - Schönbrunn & Hallstatt [HD DVD]
* Beautiful Planet: Spain - Sevilla & Santiago De Compostela [HD DVD]
* Beautiful Planet: Ungarn - Budapest, The National Park of Hortobagy [HD DVD]

Are these proper HD-DVDs?
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Originally Posted by Bubble View Post
Great list

What about the "Beautiful Planet" series of HD-DVDs available on

* Beautiful Planet: Croatia - Dubrovnik & Ragusa [HD DVD]
* Beautiful Planet: Cuba - La Havana & Trinidad [HD DVD]
* Beautiful Planet: Czech Republic - Prague & Cesky Krumlow [HD DVD]
* Beautiful Planet: England - Westminster & Royal Botanic Gardens [HD DVD]
* Beatiful Planet: France - Orange & Avignon [HD DVD]
* Beautiful Planet - Germany -Würzburg & Reichenau [HD DVD]
* Beautiful Planet: Germany - Bamberg & Speyer [HD DVD]
* Beatiful Planet: Italy - Alberobello - Portovenere & Cinque Terre [HD DVD]
* Beautiful Planet: Italy - Sacri Monti [HD DVD]
* Beatiful Planet: Poland - Torun & The Castle of Malbork [HD DVD]
* Beatiful Planet: Portugal - Oporto & Guimaraes [HD DVD]
* Beautiful Planet: Portugal - Spain - Lisbon & Cordoba [HD DVD]
* Beautiful Planet: Österreich - Schönbrunn & Hallstatt [HD DVD]
* Beautiful Planet: Spain - Sevilla & Santiago De Compostela [HD DVD]
* Beautiful Planet: Ungarn - Budapest, The National Park of Hortobagy [HD DVD]

Are these proper HD-DVDs?
I don't think those are HD DVDs, because they show a 12/3/08 release date (which is well past the lifespan of the format, and one has a 2/27/09 release date) and because there is no HD DVD logo on the case. It does say 'High Definition Shooting' on the case however, so that maybe because of that they mistakenly put [HD DVD] after the name. Thanks for noticing that though, the more input the better so that the list can be more accurate.
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Also worth adding is this title which is available on

* Destination Point - A Surf Project By Josh Pomer [HD DVD]
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