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Default My Take on Warner/HD-DVD

Well, after so many threads here on HDD I figured I might as well throw in my thoughts on this whole Warner deal. I first started with HDM when I bought the PS3 last November. The more I stated enjoying the BD titles, HD-DVD was catching my interests.

I finally, back in March purchased the A2 for $400 with 2 free movies from Robert at VE because of Smokin' Aces being a Uni exclusive. After about 70+ titles and this past November I purchased a A3 due to the $199 + 10 free movies deal at Best Buy, I have really enjoyed HD-DVD and what they have brought to the table. The Toshiba hardware has been top notch and only had a few issues with the A3 that FW fixed.

Well today after hearing the Warner announcement, it sort of really made me stop and think like WTF! just happened. In some ways this is good since were on the way of 1 format meaning that it gives HDM a chance, but then too my favorite format is on the verge of slowly going down the tubes. So today I decided that I would sell my A2 and a few of my Warner discs like the Harry Potter series since now the last 2 movies will be only on Blu. I purchased the first 4 movies on Amazon's bogo and selling the other 4 HD-DVD's on ebay right now. I plan to go through my titles and whatever is multi-platform, I'll sell it and get it on Blu so I can be prepared more for that format moving forward. I like to try and have everything on 1 format, it sucks having 3 different formats at this point.

I have decided that my A3 now will be used for Uni/Paramount exclusives, upconvert SD-DVD's, and watching the titles that I have held onto. I see it being a good 2-3 years before the Uni titles will make it to BD if they go that route, so might as well enjoy them in hidef.

Very sad day, but again this is the only way for the HDM to move forward. I also have the PS3, and I want to find a cheap BD stand alone player since I don't want to wear out the eye of the PS3 due to us watching a lot of movies. I don't care about the profiles since if I want to check out any special profile 1.1 or 2.0 features I can always pop it into the PS3 to catch those.
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