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Default Various News

Just got the latest email from Campaign HD. Some notable headline:

1. Walmart gets with HD DVD
2. Reports: Warner Making Their Decision Now! HD DVD tipped to win the selection based on New Low Player pricing!
3. Warner Lets Their Bluray License Expire?!
4. Bluray BD 1.1 Meaningless?! Mandatory spec for Bluray players to be "relaxed".
5. News - Best Buy also selling HD DVD at $99!

Walmart gets with HD DVD

Other retailers also moving to HD

Toshiba A2 HD DVD player prices have recently hit new low price points, but Walmart's special sale gives you a POWERFUL reason to pick up players for friends and family NOW - at only $99 in their half-day sale from 8 am to 12 pm tomorrow only!! Meanwhile, Circuit City, Best Buy and others are now stocking HD DVD players in large quantities with pricing to match! This sale appears to have been planned months ago - and they are also offering loads of HD DVDs at under $15 each! Click "Read More" for the details!

Spread the WORD! And consider sharing the gift of HD with friends and family this holiday season!

Reports: Warner Making Their Decision Now! HD DVD tipped to win the selection based on New Low Player pricing!

Reports circulating on Online Forums indicate that Warner has made statements that they will decide on which format they support exclusively before the end of the year, not in January as some had previously expected. They have said that they are watching hardware sales of HD DVD players at their all-new pricing levels.

Said Ron Sanders, President of Warner Home Video: "It will be really pivotal what Toshiba does this fourth quarter in hardware. If they sell through everything they ship, and it's a big number at the price points that are coming out, then I think [HD DVD] will be around for a long time.".

Analysts predict that if significant units are moved at these prices, Warner will move to HD DVD with very little hesitation. In the last 8 weeks, HD DVD sales have been 40% of total HD optical media sales. Analysts predict that although increased HD DVD player sales will trigger an immediate switch by Warner, on the basis of an expected HD DVD lead in movie sales.

Warner Lets Their Bluray License Expire?!

Reports are circulating that Warner Brothers' Bluray license expired last night, October 31st, and that they have not renewed it! This would be a very clear signal that they may not continue support of Bluray releases. No confirmation is yet forthcoming, but speculation is rife that an official decision may be forthcoming from Warner before the end of the year. It is said that Warner is very interested in seeing the sales of HD DVD players at their new price points starting at $198 at various retailers such as Circuit City, Walmart, Best Buy and many more. Tomorrow, Walmart also runs a half-day sale on Toshiba A2 players at an incredible $99! After the "Bluray Convention" this week, Bluray Hydra posters on almost all the online forums started posting rumours that Warner said they "favoured" Bluray - but this was met by an almost IMMEDIATE denial by Warner, who said reports of their statements at the Bluray convention were taken "WAY OUT OF CONTEXT" in terms of their stance towards the Bluray format - nothing new for the Hydra posters who continue to fabricate "news" for the format.

Bluray BD 1.1 Meaningless?! Mandatory spec for Bluray players to be "relaxed".

Many of us have been follwing the rather funny spectacle of the Bluray player profiles (there are lots of updates on our site). Remember that Bluray players launched with an interim "initial spec" that didn't require some of the "standard" Bluray features to be in the players? Almost all Bluray player models on the market today cannot ever run the "true" BD 1.1 "final spec" that is supposed to be the standard perfoemance function of the format.

Last night, October 31st, the BD 1.1 so-called "final spec" became "mandatory", meaning that ALL new Bluray player models put on sale from today onwards MUST run the BD 1.1 software. (I say so-called because there is also BD 2.0 which is NOT mandatory). As of today, almost all Bluray player models could effectively be seen as obsolete. (Note that the "final spec" STILL doesn't require Network ports for Internet access, like HD DVD does!

But yet, there are NO BD 1.1 players on the market yet! So... in a dramatic about-face, the Bluray Disc Association (BDA) announced that the BD 1.1 "mandatory" requirements are being "relaxed" for some players - meaning... they don't HAVE to run BD 1.1!!! I guess they may have thought this action would save them the trouble (and face) of having to postpone the BD 1.1 "mandatory" date YET AGAIN??

News - Best Buy also selling HD DVD at $99!

With $99 Toshiba A2's now available at Walmart tomorrow for the half-day sale, Best Buy is also selling the Toshiba A2 at $99!! See the link to the right. Please spread this news if you are able, and the links!

At this incredible price, it becomes possible to give the gift of HD to friends and family this holiday season!

Late Update - It appears that Best Buy's $99 sale is showing "Sold Out" at the moment, but keep trying this link tomorrow.
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