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Old 09-01-2012, 01:17 AM
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Default A couple of French HD DVD Demos

Hello all,

Just wanted to share a couple of French HD DVD Demo/Promo discs. Bruce, not sure if these are on your master list, if not please add.


Studio Canal Promotional Trailer HD DVD

Warner Brothers HD DVD Demo Disc

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Old 09-01-2012, 04:41 PM
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Thanks for sharing these John. I will add to the list...

Here's the list I have so far of demo/promo discs (on post #3). I know it's not complete, so if you or anyone else see any omissions then let me know.

Also I plan to separate the "home brew" (post-format war era burned movies) titles out and make a list with those together (although with a few of the latest releases like All in the Game and Dementia.

A/V Demo Discs:

The Sound of High Definition
2008 High Definition Audio Demonstration Disc
DTS-HD Master Audio Presentation Disc
2007 DTS-HD Master Audio Presentation Disc
Universal Studios Branding Trailer 2007
Revised 2007 DEMO DISC
2006 Toshiba HD DVD Demonstration Disc
HD Perfection (Mitsubishi demo disc)
Toshiba "Greece" HD DVD Demo Disc
2006 HD DVD Demonstration Disc
2006 DTS Alive! Demo Disc
2006-2007 HD DVD Demonstration Disc
2008 Demo Disc
Sonopress HD DVD demo disc (Germany)
Concorde HD DVD Promo disc (Germany)
Japanese demo disc (white)
Japanese demo disc (red)
CDA demo disc
Maxell Cleaning Disc No 1
Maxell Cleaning Disc No 2
Toshiba HD DVD Demonstration Disc (with "Greece" and "In Store Demo")
Studio Canal Promotional Trailer (French) pic 2
Warner Brothers Demo Disc (French) pic 2
DTS-HD Master Audio Presentation Disc (3 tracks only) pic 2 pic 3
Universal Branding Trailer (dated 1/25/07)

Promo: Those below with exclusive HD DVD content are also listed as unique titles where noted:

Sabra Super Extra promo disc[from Japanese mag] (also listed in Post #2, under Import non-movies)
Nine Inch Nails HD DVD promo disc
CSI: NY Season 2.1 promo disc [from German mag] (also listed in post #2, under English Movies/TV shows with English support)
Planet Earth: Pole to Pole promo disc (1 episode)
Starship Enterprise [Star Trek: TOS disc 1] German promo disc
South Park: Good Times with Weapons promo disc (also listed in post #1, under Other Studio's movies)
French Studio Canal Promo Disc - January 2008 HD DVD Trailers
Pan's Labyrinth Promo Disc (combo disc issued in June '07 French magazine "Lees Annees Laser")
Shinobi (promo from French mag L'annees Laser)
EMI Trailer (Herbert Gronemeyer - German)

Post-format war releases (all HD DVD-r or DVD-r)

Deadlands 2 (3/25/10) Anthem
Deadlands 1 (12/16/10)
One Last Hope (Swedish)
All in the Game (12/6/11)
Zombie Farm reissue (2/15/12)
Dementia (3/15/12)

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Old 09-02-2012, 10:29 PM
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Hi Bruce.

I have gone through all the HD DVD demos/promos in my collection and compared to your list and I think I have found 3 more to add.

1. EMI Promo

2. Universal Branding Disc Dated 1/25/07 - different date than one you have listed.

3. DTS HD-DVD Demo Disc 2006 - IFA, this one only has 3 tracks and I believe was given away at the IFA conference in Germany vs the one given away at CES which has 5 tracks.



As a comparison, here is the picture of the back of both the IFA (on left) and CES (on right) versions

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Old 09-03-2012, 11:12 AM
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Thanks John. List updated (as shown above)
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