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Old 11-19-2010, 02:41 PM
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General HD DVD Owners Discussion Thread

Hi All,

As someone who still has 100's of HD DVD's and is choosing to keep them and my players, I thought I'd post a general thread,where anyone can chime in and share if they've kept their HD DVD software and hardware. Feel free to also ask any general questions and perhaps others can answer them. Despite having adopted BD at the same time as HD DVD, I still enjoy my Reds and players

Feel free to chime in-

Have fun!
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Old 11-19-2010, 06:18 PM
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I chose red when Toshibas hit $200 (HD-X2 at Costco). The day after HD-DVD lost the format war, I sold it on Craigslist for $60 or $80, can't remember exactly.

I temporarily watched HD-DVD titles on my HTPC via LG GCC-H20L super multi blue drive. Later I got an LG BH-200 and then a second one as backup because I liked the player so much.

I briefly rode the wave of buying cheap HD-DVDs after the format war was over. I stopped when I came to the realization that I simply wasn't going to rewatch most of them. Some I never even opened.

My movie habits have COMPLETELY changed and I've switched from being a collector/buyer to a renter. Now I see my library collect dust and mostly it is a negative to me (clutter) instead of a positive. Several movies still haven't even been opened from as far back as the DVD days. Wasted space and money when I realize my collection is now essentially unlimited via Netflix's catalog.

Now that I'm a renter and HD-DVDs are essentially impossible to rent, there's no point in staying purple. So with habits changed, I got completely out of red. Sold the two BH-200s (one sold for parts because it failed... good thing I tested it right before selling it!). Sold or traded away all of my HD-DVDs except for BSG S1, which isn't worth the cost of shipping, and Equilibrium which I need to get around to selling. (Tried to sell it here, but buyer balked after seeing international shipping rates.)

Technically I can still play HD-DVD via my HTPC, but without a rental source I doubt it will happen. I simply don't buy movies any more of any type, except under extremely rare circumstances. To do so, it has to meet all of the following requirements:
1) I have to really like the movie.
2) The movie has to be in high-definition and it has to have been done well.
3) I have to want to see it many times.
4) I have to be worried it is obscure enough that it might go out of print and become unavailable to rent, OR it has to be unrentable (like an import for example).

That's the life and death of red for me, mixed in with the life and death of collecting silver spinners. It was a good ride; I don't regret it.

Side note... looking at the rate of improvement in streaming over the last few years, I think it is inevitable that streaming will catch up to BD quality some day. On that day I switch from being a BD renter to a streamer.
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Old 11-19-2010, 06:38 PM
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Hi Actionable-thanks for your post. Over the years our habits have also changed. In 2007, I'll admit I was roped into many of the BOGO sales, and bought BD titles because they were "cheap", which left me with duds and movies I'd never watch again.

My Reds will not be sold, because I really enjoyed collecting them (even at very high prices, before the format's "death"), but I can see why others may choose to do so. I've pruned our movie collection over the last year, because space was becoming an issue (we had 1600 or so between BD, HD DVD and DVD), and we've been Netflix members for 5 years, so we enjoy the streaming and ability to try out certain BD's, we just never care to own. In addition we use streaming and BD rentals to see if we have an interest to own the show/title down the road. The quality is not the same for streaming as it is for BD,at the moment, but the studios and service providers know that consumers are looking for instant access and customization in the pricing structures offered, so bandwith and breadth of offering eventually will have to catch up. I've work in media distribution for 15+ years-it's inevitable that it will happen, and it already is. Discs are not dead yet, but for the 1st time resources are being put into alternatives, so the acceleration is clear.

As time is short, I've also reassessed my movie buying behavior because it's simply not feasible to watch everything I want to own enough to make it all worth owning. I still own many flicks that I may not keep, but going forward, I try to only purchase films I'll re-watch (I've already seen them), the review is decent, and or/they are Steelbooks (I am a collector and moderator on another forum).

I think each person has to decide what is important to them, and it sounds like you've found a comfortable balance that works for you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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Old 12-09-2010, 05:47 PM
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I got all my hd DVDs after the death of the format . I had an hd a1 with the 10 free movies for 100 bucks from amazon and that was probably in 07. I never watched Many of them but after seeing the prices on the hd DVDs in mid 09 I couldn't help but stock up. Got a couple back up hd a 30s for 50 bucks a pei e and I also have a new hd a30 boxed up so I'm set for years. I will rock these mother fuckers for the next couple decades, they are also much better upscaler of standard DVD as well.
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Old 12-09-2010, 06:35 PM
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I actually have bought more HD DVDs recently than I did right after the death of the format. I have a BH200 as well as the LG drive in my HTPC. Every once in a while I will ebay or check Amazon for discs that I haven't seen yet. I kind of see it as renting a movie, but I get to keep it. I usually spend $3-4 on a disc and then add it to my collection.
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Old 12-09-2010, 11:01 PM
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I got into the format on launch day, buying an A1 at Best Buy for $500 after I got off work. It was the last one, and I also picked up Phantom of the Opera for 30 bucks. I clearly remember the euphoria at seeing the PQ, better than I had ever seen (Phantom is great demo BTW), and I was hooked. I then started checking the boards and only then noticed how heated the format war was. So both collecting HD DVD and being involved in the format war discussions took on a life of its own.

I had over 300 movies by the end of 2007 and when the format war ended, I started buying up titles that were cheap and that I didn't own, as well as many imports that I thought would be rare. Of course, most of what I though would be rare are still not rare, but I don't care. I only wanted it because I didn't have it, and once I got over 500 I decided to get all that I could, and that's how I got my collection.

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Old 12-12-2010, 07:46 PM
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I will never give up my HD DVD collection.. I am not only a huge fan but also way invested into the format. As long as power outlets don't change or they at least make an adapter I have enough players to probably last me 20 years.

My oldest unit, the A2 is re-hooked up again because of the new HD DVD venture, and it still rocks... even after being shelved for 3 years. I love my toys... I love my collection, I think I still have about 15 un-opened discs, but who cares.

I watch my HD DVD's more than my Blu-Rays, some of the films I have on HD DVD get a lot of play (Shaun of the Dead, Fear and Loathing, Big Lebowski, and Army of Darkness) My Blu-Rays get played maybe once... and then get shelved... and I have all but stopped buying blu-Rays simply because it is a money thing.

I am doing everything I can to keep HD DVD alive on my end and have talked with other indie filmmakers to follow suit on what i am doing. So you may some more new titles in 2011 (Yes I am buying up as much HD DVD R stock as possible)
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