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logodaddy 07-04-2013 02:57 PM

Manda Bala HD DVD
And here is a second documentary film: Manda Bala.
No pressed disc exists only the image file.


https://imageshack.com/scaled/medium/69/v2gj.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com
https://imageshack.com/scaled/medium/13/fci5.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com

bruceames 07-04-2013 09:17 PM

Thanks for the info Marco. I have seen this and it's very good, and makes me want to stay clear of Sao Paulo, lol. Very interesting link to article on the grant this won and 1000 Indies Project. $100K was a very tidy sum to bring this to HD DVD. Unfortunately it never happened beyond the preliminary authoring stage. I wonder if they got to keep the money, it never made it to Blu-ray. That's one thing I loved about HD DVD, as it was very friendly to indie studios from the start.

Will add this and the other doc to the check disc list as an iso file.

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