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Old 02-26-2008, 06:40 AM
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Default Advice?

Whooopsy daisy just posted this in the wrong forum. OK, i just bought a 360 HD DVD add-on for 40, a bargain, me thinks. Anyway, i know the format war is over but i want to buy quite a few HD DVD'S. I am from the UK and have been looking on various websites to try and get them as cheap as i possibly can. The only site that has a sale on is I will happily import from there but i just want to know what peoples experiences with importing from have been like, in regard to customs duties and import taxes. Any advice about importing would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Old 02-26-2008, 06:51 AM
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I'm not sure it's in the wrong forum exactly as it relates to importing discs to Europe from U.S. Kind of close enough to this forum's topic. Please let me know if you still want me to move it to the generic HD DVD Software General Discussion forum though, as I can do that if you want. is a great site to import from but they always put the actual prices on the boxes so I guess their packages get easily caught by customs if they exceed the local customs limits. I don't know specifically about UK customs limits but I think there are people around who do. Hopefully some of them can comment in detail.

There have been many sales going on in Australian online stores as well, with great prices. This site has information on various Australian stores:
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i'm from england. ordering from amazon US is perfectly easy and fine and the prices are good. only thing you should be worried about is getting stung on import tax. i think the limit is 18 then you're eligible to get charged, doesn't always happen of course. i didn't get caught out last time but have on other stuff in the past.
i've been buying a lot lately privately from here then get them sent to a friend in the US he then posts them out with no value declared so i wont get charged.
you could order just a couple at a time so avoid a charge but you'd be paying more in postage. deep discount have a nice range from $10-13. that any help or if you have any questions let me know.
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