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Old 10-13-2008, 04:43 PM
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Default Need Help External HardDrive and Dish

Bought a seagate 500 GB Harddrive from Bestbuy ...recorded content i did not want to pay for (stuff that may not pop on highdef) Wire, Last season of sopranos, the rocky movies etc. and up until recently had no problems ...except maybe having to unplug and replug in the power chord so my VIP622 would recognize it ...Last week it asks me to reformat and i will lose all of the above mentioned and some coll stuff like Gladiator that have not yet been released on Blu ...needless to say im pissed and tech offered me little support can anyone ...
a- help fix this issue that has been through it?
b- if it can not be fixed can you recommend a better external HDrive
c- if no better solutions does Direc or Cable ofer similar service Direct has been wooing me back with offers ever since i left but i liked my movies i had saved ...but without them reason to stay loyal any help would be greatly appreciated via this thread or by PM
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Old 10-13-2008, 07:51 PM
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I don't know if what I have to offer applies or might be helpful - but here goes anyway . . .

First a question - did you use your new hard drive to replace the existing drive internally, or add it as an external via usb?

It appears that your DVR thinks the hard drive is either brand new, or corrupt for some reason, so it wants to re-initialize it. Why that would have happened? Who knows. A power surge? A firmware download that changed something?

I use Astound Broadband cable service - with a Scientific Atlantic 8300HD DVR. The 8300 has a e-Sata port on the back that the cable company said was not activated. Well, either they lied - or they don't know - because it works like a charm. I picked up a Western Digital 500gb Sata drive - shoved it into a compatible external Sata to e-Sata case - and hooked it up. The DVR recognized it, offered to format it, and I immediately had an additional 500gb of storage available on top of the internal 320gb. Plenty of space for our use.

In the 8300, it just sees the total available space as one big playground, and writes a program being recorded to whichever drive has the most space available. Of course with the external attached, it wins that contest - and runs constantly (including recording whatever is being watched for backwards searching purposes). So I tend to leave the drive powered off, except when I have a large number of programs set up to be recorded and think I will need the space. From what I read, it doesn't sound like an external drive on your cable box works that way - rather it acts like an archiving device - with all recording taking place on your primary internal drive - and forcing you to run archive routines to the external drive?

Anyway - I learned the most about how to get my dvr to work the way I wanted by perusing the forums over on You might start reading up here:
I have found lots of pretty knowledgeable and helpful folks there if you post your question.

Edit - I just noticed a comment above that makes me think the drive you are discussing IS an external drive. Did you by any chance use the drive on another device (say your computer maybe?) and then reconnect it to the dvr? I believe these dvr devices get pretty finicky when looking at external hard drives - and lose their sense of humor pretty quickly if the drive isn't exactly how the dvr device left it last time.

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