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Old 04-01-2008, 12:51 AM
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Default Kiss proper "Auto Frame Rate" Goodbye...

OK, so first I had to search the Toshiba site to check for firmware updates, as the old site is no longer up.

After digging for a couple of minutes, I found the other firmware support site at:

Then I found this little chestnut in the docs for 2.8, which explains why we all found that the "Auto" feature was not Auto at all...

"Most movie HD DVD contents are captured at a frame rate of either 24 frames per second (24Hz), the same as the original filmís, or 60 frames per second (60Hz). Optimum reproduction of these discs are expected if their signals are output at the same frame rate as when they were captured. A recent firmware update has enabled 24Hz output on your HD DVD player. Now this update further provides a selection of automatic 24Hz/60Hz detection mode and fixed 24Hz mode. Automatic 24Hz/60Hz detection mode is for future use. This option will detect frame rate of disc content.

Because current HD DVD discs do not contain information to identify frame rate, this option is not effective at present.Use this option when discs become available in the market in the near future."

Since nobody is going to bother making new HDDVD discs with this information, this "feature" might as well be removed. But since the support site is down, they probably have a skeleton crew working support, so I'll be surprised if we see a v2.9 for the 2nd gen player anytime soon, if ever.
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