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Default Upconversion Question

I own the HD-A2 and my tv is a LG 720P capable of 1080i and I am using HDMI cables. I ordered Stargate the Ark of truth which is a standard DVD. How exactly does the upconversion process work? Does it automatically upconvert it, or is there a setting or button I need to press?
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It's automatic. Though I've had a few instances where I put a disc in and then took my time switching my TV's source to the HD DVD player only to find that the player hadn't enabled upconverting. You just have to turn the player off and then on again.

You can check to make sure it is working by hitting the Display button your your player's remote so that you get the onscreen stats display. If it says 'Output: 1080x' you're good. During the situation I mentioned above, I would see 480 listed.
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