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Old 01-19-2008, 11:12 AM
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Default HDA2 Freaked out - in a good way.... (upconvert over component)

I have no idea what happened this morning but if this is a workaround for upconverting over component I"ll be ecstatic...

My previous upconverting player - A Zenith flashed with a LG firmware for upconversion over component - took a crap and died on me (it was one of the first upconverting players on the market anyway). So I was excited about getting the HDA2, until I realized it won't upconvert over component...

Then this morning magic happened... My daughter decided she wanted to watch Lion King even though I was starting to watch Bourne Ultimatum, I opened the drive while it was doing it's web update at the start of the disc and slapped in Lion King... skipped the preview wondering whether I had missed the note about being restricted to 480..... but no, player and projector were reading 720p (I know, I can't afford a 1080p projector right now).

So I'm going to try again to see if this is a constant workaround or just a freak incident.

On a side note... they were not kidding... This is the best upconversion I've ever seen.

UPDATE: Appears to be a freak incident - tried with another disc and I've got nothing but 480p. Too bad, I was hoping I found the holy grail of upconversion for early HD display adopters.

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Old 01-19-2008, 06:06 PM
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damn sorry to hear it didnt keep working =/
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