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Old 01-06-2008, 09:36 AM
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Default Toshiba HD-A35 Ethernet Connection

First I'll say hello and that I'm brand new here.
I'm quite a movie buff and have been buying HD-DVD's and Blu-Rays now for over a year and (even though I know it seems HD-DVD might be slowly dying) I definately want to pick out a nice player and I think the A-35 seems quite good, and decently priced.

I was going to stick with my PS3 and 360 Drive to play my HD films, but I just want a proper HD-DVD player as the 360 Drive is starting to be a nuisance for me.

My question is this:
I know all the HD players have Ethernet ports to stay connected to the internet and reading here people have said about getting a bridge. But I had a question if another way would work. If I plugged the ethernet cable into the HD-DVD player and the other end into my laptop (which is connected wirelessly to the internet) would I then be able to be connected that way for the Web-Enabled features and firmware upgrades?

I had to do this with my 360 for a short while due to not having a wireless adapter for my console, and it worked fine, and curious if the same thing will work for the HD player?

Thanks so much for your help/time you guys, and hopefully get into some good convo's about films here with you guys

And while I'm on it, what do you guys think of the HD-A35 player? Good value, and good player? Or is there a cheaper one that does the same things?
(Not that I'm a tight-wad with my cash :P)
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Old 01-06-2008, 09:56 AM
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If it already works with your XBox 360, then it also should work with the player.

Else you could "Share" your internet connection in the "Network settings", if you are using Win XP. But it seems that you have already done this.
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Old 01-08-2008, 12:42 PM
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Can't speak to your ethernet question (I have a bridge) but I can tell you that I have been very happy with my HD A35. I got it mainly because I didn't have a receiver that would decode all the new audio codecs but it would accept an external decoder (analog 5.1 in) and seeing that the A35 would decode the new codecs AND had analog out, I was able to save money on a new receiver by buying this player.

Picture quality and sound quality are great in my opinion. The player build feels and looks great and updating the firmware was a breeze. My only complaint is the remote. It works just fine but I wish there was some back lighting or even some glow in the dark buttons. It also just feels cheep.

I'm sure you have considered if buying an HD DVD player is wise right now in light of the Warner announcement.

Good luck to you.
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Old 01-08-2008, 01:43 PM
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speaking from having a 360 and an A35, you should beable to hook up just fine. Just hook up the A35 the same way the 360 is. Follow the instructions in the manual. Chances are after doing what they say you won't be able to connect with the A35. DON'T PANIC. Turn off the A35. Turn off your router for 10 seconds. Turn the router back on, turn the A35 back on, and try to update. it should work.

with regards to hooking up through your laptop, its possible using internet connection sharing (which could go easy or be a pain in the a$$). BUT and thats a BIG BUT if you loose wireless signal connection while transfering it may(i'm not certain) mess up the firmware. I'd just wire it in and avoid the risk.
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