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Old 12-10-2007, 12:59 PM
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Default HD-A2 sound out of sync...

Hello all,

Love my HD-A2 thus far....

however, I have encountered a problem.

1. I've noticed that when playing standard dvd's the audio is in sync and great. But whenever i pause it or stop it I get this weird screatching noise from the speaker. It only happens for a brief second and is gone. When playing the dvd I have no issues, just when paused.

2. my hd-dvd's seem to start out slightly out of sync. Their lips don't completely match the words. as I play the film everything goes back to normal, but this is very annoying.

All of my sound is standard from my TV speakers.

Now, I have my PS3 on the above shelf and my HDDVD player on my lower shelf under it, their respective HDMI cords end up touching each other when exiting the cabinet to connect tot eh TV. Could this be creating some sort of interference?

Or could it be my HDMI cord? My PS3 runs off a Monster HDMI cord, but my HD-DVD HDMI is a cheapo Philips cord.

I noticed that the A2 is HDMI 1.2 only and my TV is 1.3a, could that cause this??

What do you guys think??

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Old 12-10-2007, 05:01 PM
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The two HDMI cords touching won't cause a problem. You need a heck of a current to mess with the digital signal.

The 1.2 vs 1.3 is not an issue. The cable itself may be an issue. Switch with the other one and see if it changes. I highly doubt it will, but you may have a bad cable. Keep an eye on how well the cable is plugged in at both ends. It may simply be a loose connection.

What TV do you have? I suspect the problem may be with the TV. Is the audio ahead of or behind the video?
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Old 12-10-2007, 06:31 PM
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I've experienced sync issue's only with rental dvd's on my A3, it appears as they get scuffed/scratch the problem arises for me any way's that around the 50% mark in the film it will skip or freeze momentarily and then be out of sync completely, with in about 10-15 sec. it migrates back in sync.
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