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Default Toshiba Hd-A2 ghosting some images


I was watching Batman Begins last night on my Toshiba A-2 (great movie btw) and last night I noticed that in some of the darker fast moving scenes, I could actually see some lines in the image showing Batman's movements. In short, I could see some ghosting. This naturally instantly horrified me and I went to the settings to see what I could do to try to fix it. Right now I have the A2 set at 1080i, I have enhanced blacks on, as well as enhanced on the RGB output range. I also have a Sony KDS-50A2000. I have a hd DVR hooked up to the TV also and I have never seen any ghosting to my knowledge. This is an Lcos TV and to my knowledge this only happens on DLPs or even plasmas. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?

edit :I also have a PS3 and I have never seen anything like this on the BR player, and unfortunately I don't have another HDTV to hook it up to check it with.
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Old 12-02-2007, 01:03 PM
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First, are you connected via HDMI? Second, try turning off both the black and color enhancements. And finally, what about your tvs picture mode? try it on standard. I have this same tv, and have all settings on the A2 set to off/standard, and same on the tv; with that setup I've never had any ghosting or anything else.

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CNET says in the review of the 60" version of this TV that is has a minor issue with some 1080i signals.

Editors' note: When we first received our KDS-60A2000 review sample we noticed that it could not resolve any of the finest details in a 1080i test pattern. When we showed Sony's engineers the failed pattern, they promised to look into it. After issuing a vague preliminary statement that was originally printed here, the company followed up by admitting that some models in the field may indeed be incapable of resolving all of 1080i
If your model the Sony KDS-50A2000 (the 50" version ) has the same issue, you may want to try it at 720p to see it makes a differance, if so you made have to use 720p or get a new player like the A-30/A-35 that can do 1080p.

Another thing you can try is to use Componet inputs at 1080i to see if that helps.

EDIT : Dink seems to have better knowledge on this and suggestions, try them first.
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