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Default How to setup a wireless network for HD DVD

I thought I'd share my setup for those who are interested. I've seen a few comments about "wish it had wireless" and "don't have ethernet available" and this network config, while not bargain basement, does a great job, and also provides a sweet audio platform.

I'll be traveling for a week, so if you ask questions and I don't answer, it's not to be rude.


Apple 802.11n Airport Extreme
Apple Airport Express for the AV center

Why? Apple's 802.11n is really easy to setup, and most importantly, even for 802.11g, kicks ass in range. My old system with D-Link and Linksys gear stunk; I had constant connectivity loss to the stereo (just turn on the Microwave, and boom).

Apple's Airport express has two key features as the receiver; it has an ethernet jack, and it has a TOSLINK audio output, so you can use iTunes as a wireless audio server.

So with this rig, you not only can run wireless to your HD DVD, but also get a great music system.

You have to create a WDS network. I'm an audio engineer, and a network guy, so I won't go into detail, but this is a way to allow your Airport Extreme to act as the router for your wireless network, and the remote WDS, the Airport Express, to act as a bridge, extending it's range, and also allowing devices connected to it to get an IP address on the same network as the home base. That's essential, as it allows the HD DVD player to get a DHCP address for internet access.

1) For the HD DVD, just follow the setup directions for the network, then shut the unit down.

2) For the Airport Extreme 802.11n set it up as a WDS Main controller, and make sure it's setup for N and G modes.

3) For the Airport Express, set it up as the WDS relay. You can have multiple units, by the way. Under the "internet" tab in the setup software, set Ethernet WAN Port to Automatic and Connection Sharing to Off(Bridge Mode). This allows the ethernet port to become active, and the IP address to be served by the Airport Extreme.

4) I recommend you enable SNMP on both units under Advanced, it let's you see error logs and monitor performance, if you're a geek. And you are, you're on this forum.

5) If you want music, enable "Airtunes" under the music tab in the Airport Express,and hook up the Airport Express via Toslink to your receiver. iTunes will discover this, and auto-configure a control to output audio to the Airport. I love this, I have 100GB of audio online, and it plays flawlessly on the main stereo, and the bedroom, and office, at the same time.

6) For the real geeks, the Keyspan Express is a neat little remote control that lets you control volume, track, etc on iTunes from the room with the Airport Express.

Reboot the systems, starting with the Extreme, then the Express, then the HD DVD.

You can now do wireless updates to your HD DVD player, and have a great wireless audio network. It's rock solid, and Apple's network software is blessedly easy to work with, while providing all the control and security you're likely to need.


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I've got basically the same setup (older Apple Airport Extreme 802.11g base station though). Before I got my HD-XA2, I already had an Airport Express set up behind my HDTV stand/equipment rack. It was configured as a relay to improve the signal strength to the souped up Mac Mini I use as my home theater PC. When I got the HD-XA2, I simply had to run a short 3' ethernet cable from the XA2 to the Airport Express. Then I added the XA2's MAC address to Access Control settings for the Airport Extreme and Airport Express (I always have MAC address filtering turned on). That's all it took! My XA2 was wirelessly connected to the Internet and it didn't cost me a dime to add it (already had the ethernet cable in the garage).

You gotta love the simplicity of using Mac products!

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Neighbor swears by Mac, I swear by PC. I am looking at getting some Apple stock though
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