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Old 09-06-2007, 09:33 PM
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Default To buy the HD-XA2 or the upcoming HD-A35?

Hello. I'm pretty new to the HD market. I was interested in buying the 2nd generation discounted HD-XA2 at $580, or so. But reading the article of the 3rd generation HD-A35, makes me wonder which one I should get? I'm not a huge technofile on this format war, so any expert opinion would really help. Thanks everyone!
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Old 09-06-2007, 10:23 PM
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you can get the XA2 cheaper than 580 no ??, Amazon has it for $569 with free shipping and I swear I heard people were getting it at best Buy for $499, I also heard the A35 will not have the Reon chip for upconversion, but that is just speculation.
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Old 09-06-2007, 11:29 PM
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That's right - it won't.

Only the XA2 will have it.

Reason: Money.

Silicon Optics makes money selling their chip - and it isn't cheap.
HD DVD needs inexpensive players to win the war - thus no HQV chip in the A35.

Good move (IMO) since the really good chip Silicon O produces is the design above the one that's in the XA2 (the one that does 1024 tap filtering).

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I've been wondering about this same thing too, and since i didn't want to start a new topic on the same question, i hope you guys don't mind me popping a question too I will be getting a new player in the next couple of months and i'm not yet really sure which one to get. Now that Toshiba came out with their 3rd generaton players i wonder how they stand up to e.g. the XA-2? I'm not really interested in the cheapest player, so count them out. What i'm looking for is a player that is good and gives me value for what i pay for, even if it's a bit more expensive.

The Onkyo sounds tempting, but the price is right there where it's starting to hurt, but if it is much better compared to the other models, it could then be a done deal. I'm not too knowledged in the specs of the player at the market now, that's why i'm here. About the Onkyo still, i'm wondering also about it's performance as it is based on XA-2, as far as i know, which is 2nd generation, now that can't be too good? Am i just overseeing something here and fussing over nothing?

The BD-UP5000 would be interesting option too, but i'm not so hot over paying the extra over an obsolete "other half" on the player, if they only made a standalone HD DVD player...

The player would be accomodating a Samsung 52" LED-LCD (as soon as it's out) and a Harmann-Kardon AVR 4500 + Bose Acoustimass 10.

Sorry for making it long, but i'm so crap in writing short
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