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Old 07-06-2007, 04:08 AM
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Thumbs up Fuh Yuan news


From AVSforum

"Sorry, I haven't been following this thread closely for the past few weeks, but has someone posted thisMy guess is yes, but a brief search didn't turn anything up.

96/05/31 Economic Daily News 4 edition of the optoelectronics industry ■ Wu Yi Lun from the original vehicle anti-theft system Fukuhiko rise of the electronic, Since entering the ultrathin DVD photoelectric traverse the area, with a Japanese cooperation in the development of large blue HD-DVD traverse. Europe and the United States is currently working with major distributors to discuss production and co-operation matters, HD-DVD player market is optimistic about the future world. Looking back on the past and the present, the Fu-yin proven once again examples of the success of industries is not just 1:00 of chance. Fukuhiko From 89 ultrathin DVD that traverse into research and development, in four years on the burned nearly 150 million budget, finally launched in 93 to be installed in notebook computers, only 10 mm thickness of the thin DVD traverse, also for the future of Blue Road familiarity out a good physique. Fukuhiko company, next-generation large-capacity DVD specifications can be divided into HD-DVD and Blu-Ray Dish two camps, The former Toshiba, NEC, Sanyo, Universal Pictures represented, which is Sony, Pioneer, Philips, Sharp, JVC and other large factories. HD-DVD specifications compared to Blu-ray Disc greatest advantage, mainly to the compatibility of existing DVD disc manufacturers make the transition to HD-DVD will cost to a minimum. On the production of technically speaking, HD-DVD over Blu-ray Disc difficult low, Blu-ray Disc drives the cover only 0.1 mm, catching decontamination ability is poor, the need to protect cartridges, and the production made more difficult. HD-DVD disc recording capacity is smaller, but the eye, decontamination capability, and without cartridges. Therefore the production process easier and costs are lower. Fukuhiko this stage with the establishment of large well-known Chinese cooperation, the future will be Fukuhiko orders, mining methods OEM marketing, Compared to other major international firms traverse the same type of DVD prices, Philips worth 599 U.S. dollars each. Sony and Toshiba have 499 U.S. dollars, Fukuhiko 299 U.S. dollars to the price advantage, is expected to rapidly in the global market and obtain a place.

BTW, Under the Taiwanese calendar, 96 = 2007, and 93 = 2004."
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Old 07-11-2007, 01:03 PM
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that's hot.
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Originally Posted by diabolo View Post

BTW, Under the Taiwanese calendar, 96 = 2007, and 93 = 2004."
oh good, cause i was like 'what the hell?'
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