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Default Khz & Mbps

Hi all,

I'm trying to figure out a little bit about some of the audio lingo used on my AVR and HD equipment.

I have two about Khz and one about mbps.

1) My Blu-ray player puts out everything (DVD, BR) at 48 khz (according to the Onkyo RC-180 display) and the HD-DVD player outputs HD-DVD audio at 96 Khz and DVD audio at 48 khz. Is there any advantage or disadvantage to one or the other? I was a bit surprised to see DTS HD-MA soundtracks on the BR player at 48 Khz and DD+ soundtracks on the HD-DVD at 96 khz...unless the khz has absolutely nothing to do with quality.

2) Is there any way to see what the Mbps I'm getting on the different soundtracks? Again, our AVR is an Onkyo RC-180, the BR is a Sony and the HD-DVD is an A30. Reason I ask is I see in the different online reviews comparisons in the DD+ soundtracks between different mbps ratings (also DD+ compared to TrueHD, etc.)

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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Old 09-17-2010, 06:09 PM
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Almost every home video audio track is 48 KHz. There are a few exceptions on Blu-ray: Chronos and Baraka (96 KHz), Akira (192 KHz), and then a handful of music releases at 96 and 192 KHz. (There's more I'm forgetting.)

So if your A30, if it is actually outputting 96 KHz, is doing upsampling. I don't recall those players being able to do that, but it's been a long time. You're not getting anything extra here. There won't be a difference because the source is undoubtedly 48 KHz. My guess is that it's probably not even really upsampling but rather just "doubling" the 48 KHz source, similar to how a 120Hz TV displays 24 Hz material by showing each frame 5 times (so you see it 5/120 = 1/24 second).

There are quality differences as you go to higher sampling rates, but that's a discussion for audiophile forums. Almost every movie is 48 KHz, so that's all you really need to worry about.

I've never seen a receiver that will tell you the bitrate of what it's receiving, almost most will tell you sampling rate, and some will give you bit-depth (16 or 24). I'm sure some receivers do this, but I don't know of any.

Most of the data you see from online comes from the player. A few of the Pioneer and Panasonic BD players will tell you the audio and video bitrates; several other players give you them as well (the Oppo gives you the combined rate). The most accurate information comes from putting the disc into a computer and analyzing the information directly from the files on the disk.
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