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Liam Bates 04-29-2009 05:02 AM

For anyone that films in HD and knows about PAL - NTSC and framerates =)
Hi all

I'm about to start production on a short documentary and we realised that our two cameras film one in NTSC and one in PAL...

We're using a Sony A1C (PAL) and Canon XH A1 (NTSC).

The Sony films at 50i, and has a 'cineframe 25' option, although it is still filming in 50i there I believe... I'm not entirely sure what cineframe really does.

The Canon can film in both 24p or 60i.

What is everyone's advice on what we should do? I'm thinking we should film in 24p on the Canon and film in 50i (not much choice) without the cineframe on the Sony.

We'll use the Canon for almost everything and keep the Sony for specific types of shots. Then we will convert all the 50i footage in one go into 25p and from that into 24p. Am I thinking along the right lines? I've never had to deal with various frame rates before so forgive me if I don't make complete sense!

We're looking at releasing very globally - its a part European part Canadian production - so I guess our initial final output will be 24p...? Allowing us to go to either 50i or 60i quite easily.

I hear there is a lot of software out there that allows you to convert between formats but I don't know much about it.

Many thanks in advance!!

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