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Default HD-DVD 200+ titles + LGBH200 + HDA30 LOT ONLY

i have an excellent condtion LGBH200 blu ray/ hd dvd combo player with power cord and remote, and an HDA30 hd dvd player with power cord and remote.

i also have 200+ hd dvds, in mint to excellent condition. no foreign titles except The Island. All are US releases, all are different titles, and there are many good titles that aren't on Blu Ray yet. some included are Planet Earth, the Sopranos seasons, Matrix 1-3, Breakfast Club, Meet the parents 1 and 2, Derailed, and many more.

If you are truly interested in this lot, PM me. As of now, I am only fielding offers for the lot...AT A MAJOR LOW PRICE.

I am moving out of the country soon, and don't have time to deal with small lots of hd-dvds, feel free to resell.

Right now, I am asking $600 for this lot OBO (media mail shipping with confo). The players are worth around $250 total at least. The LG Blu/ HD DVD is still an excellent, valuable player.

Let me know, and I will list all the HD DVD titles if you are interested.

edit:::::::::HERE IS A PARTIAL LIST, this is 112 of them

Matrix Ultimate Collection
Mission Impossible Trilogy
Superman Donner
Superman Returns
Lethal Weapon
Lethal Weapon 2
The Breakfast Club
The Big Lebowski
Meet the Parents
Meet the Fockers
Billy Madison
Happy Gilmore
Liar Liar
Bruce Almighty
Evan Almighty
Planet Earth with Box Slip
Animal House
Break Up
Mr. Bean
Dante's Peak
Top Gun
Tomb Raider
The Island
Million Dollar Baby
Italian Job
The Pianist
Training Day
Taking Lives
Miami Vice
Elizabeth Golden
Friday Night Lights
Blood Diamond
We Were SOldiers
Eternal Sunshine
Lost in Translation
Black Rain
Smokin Aces
Flags of our Fathers
FOur Brothers
The Thing
Deer Hunter
The Fountain
Lucky number Slevin
Pitch Black
Shrek 3
V for Vendetta
The Frighterners
Manchurian Candidate
Eastern Promises
The Brave One
Harsh Times
Into the Wild
The Fugitive
Jesse James
Freedom Writers
Field of Dreams
Michael Clayton
For Love of the Game
12 Monkeys
American Gangster
Sopranos 6 1
Sopranos 6 2
Battlestar Glactica 1
Bone Collector
The Invasion
The Game
Mercury Rising
Iwo Jima
Carlitos Way
Assault on Pre 13
Black Snake Maon
The Jerk
Dukes of Hazzard
Half Baked
John Malkkovich
Meet Joe Black
Sky Captain
Pan's Labyrinth
Chuck and Larry

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When your ready to break up the lot; please PM me your price on the A30. Thanks!
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I'm VERY interested in the LG BH200. But I've PM'd and replied to others that claim they want to sell and never hear back. I can understand your hesitation to sell the discs themselves individually as being too much of a hassle and time consuming, but the players themselves should be quick and hassle free to sell/ship. So, PM me, or reply here please, telling me what you want to see getting for the BH200, shipped, and likely we can work something out and attain mutual satisfaction.
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