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FS: Forbidden Planet tin, Leaving Las Vegas + More Imports and Rarities

My Rules:
* All titles include First Class Shipping. If too heavy (i.e. 3/4 or more typically) they will go out via Medial Mail. Priority Mail upgrade is extra. All go out with Delivery Confirmation and if you want that #, PM me after you pay.
* I ship 4 days a week.
* I only ship within the USA (unless you spend $50 or more).
* My Want list is at the bottom and that is all I want.
* I accept Payment via Paypal Gift or Amazon GCs

HD DVD Imports/Rarities
Alone in the Dark (German; Sealed) $13
Death at a Funeral (with bonus American custom cover art) $17
Led Zeppelin (UK Import) $10
Pans Labrynth (Limited Edition 5 Disc set, 4 DVDs in Pal. HD DVD is not DNR'ed like the American release. Few small knicks in cardboard thanks to Amazon, no Englsh Subs/Audio) $46
CES 2008 DTS Demo Disc (Has Newline DTS tracks for titles that never came out on HD DVD, The Who, Pixies) $8

Forbidden Planet Tin with sealed Forbidden Planet HD DVD - Please see picture.

- - No dents/marks that I can see. Everything that came inside the tin is still sealed or untouched (I literally just took the FB HD DVD out of the case and that's it).
$40 shipped via Media Mail (well packaged, of course)

HD DVD: (harder to find Domestic titles)
Bullitt (Sealed) $7
Blade Runner $12
Battlestar Galactica Season 1 $12
The Cowboys (Sealed) $8
Fast Times at Ridgemont High $9
The Host (Sealed) $9
Relentless Enemies $8
Planet Earth (with Slip Cover) $17 Shipped

HD DVD Domestics
1 for $6
2 for $11,
3 for $15 etc. (Prices are SHIPPED)
Will give better deal the more you buy (i.e. over 3)

300 (Non-Combo) $6
Aeon Flux $6
A Scanner Darkly $6
Alexander: Directors Cut (Sealed)
The Aviator (Canadian; Sealed) $6
Born on the 4th of July $6
Backdraft (sealed)
Brokeback Mountain (Combo; Sealed) $6
Black Snake Moan (Sealed) $6
Breach (Sealed) $6
Bourne Identity $6
Corpse Bride $6
Children of Men (Sealed) $6
Disturbia $6
Doom (Sealed) $6
Dreamgirls (e-rental; 2 Discs) $6
Dukes of Hazzard $6
The Dirty Dozen (Sealed) $6
Dantes Peak (Sealed; Canadian) $6
Evening (Combo; Sealed) $6
Field of Dreams $6
Fletch $6
Failure to Launch (Sealed) $6
Freedom Writer (Sealed) $6
The Fugitive (VC1 Encode) (Sealed) $6
Flags of our Fathers $6
The Fast and The Furious Trilogy (all 3; 1 and 2 sealed) $15
Firewall $6
The Getaway (Original, Sealed) $6
The Hurricane (Sealed; Canadian) $6
Hollywood Land (Sealed; Combo) $6
In the Valley of Elah (Sealed; Combo) $6
Inside Man $6
Jarhead (Sealed, more features than the Blu-ray release) $6
Justice League $6
Lethal Weapon 1 $6
Lethal Weapon 2 $6
Miami Vice (Sealed; Combo) $6
King Kong $6
A Mighty Heart (Sealed) $6
Mr. Beans Holiday (Combo) $6
Meet Joe Black (Sealed) $6
Mercury Rising (Canadian; Sealed $6
Nacho Libre (Sealed) $6
Nutty Professor (Sealed) $6
Nutty Professor II (Sealed; Canadian) $6
Norbit $6
Out of Sight $6
The Perfect Storm $6
Patch Adams $6
P2 $6
Rain in the Mountains $6
Ray (Sealed) $6
The River (Canadian; Sealed) $6
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow $6
Smokey and the Bandit (Sealed) $6
Scent of a Woman (Sealed) $6
Seabiscuit (Sealed) $6
Shooter $6
Serenity $6
Spartacus (Sealed) $6
Syriana (Sealed) $6
Shrek the Third) $6
The Searchers (Sealed) $6
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow $6
Smokey and the Bandit (Sealed) $6
Scent of a Woman (Sealed) $6
Traffic (printed out cover) $6
Troy: Directors Cut (Sealed) $6
Talk to Me (Combo; Sealed) $6
Transformers (UPC cut out of slip) $6
Things We Lost in the Fire (Sealed) $6
Unleashed (Sealed) $6
U-571 (Sealed) $6
Van Helsing $6
The Watcher $6
The War (Canadian; Sealed) $6
We Were Soldiers $6
Wyatt Earp $6

- -Also have a dozen empty HD DVD cases. PM for a price if you buy other title. - -

Goodfellas (Digibook Release only) Blu-ray
Breaking Bad Season 1 Blu-ray
Army of Darkness Blu-ray
King Kong (must have Slip Cover) Blu-ray
An American Werewolf Blu-ray
House of the Devil Blu-ray
European Digibooks Blu-ray
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Blu-ray
Jewel - The Essential Songbook Blu-ray
NOVA: Becoming Human Blu-ray
Star Trek (Either collection of movies) Blu-ray
A Christmas Story HD DVD
Bandslam DVD
Melrose Place (any season) DVD
90210 'Original' (any season except 1 and 2) DVD

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Pm sent on mullholland drive
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pm sent for An American Haunting & Strip Mind
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Default Mulholland Drive

Did you get my PM? Did someone else beat me to the punch?
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paid for :

Corpses Bride with rare Slip Cover
Leaving Las Vegas (sealed)

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Lowered prices, added more
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pm sent your way
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