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Default Selling My entire HD-DVD Collection and Players

Payment accept: Paypal Gift! PRICES ARE FLEXIBLE, MAKE OFFERS! Prices include shipping on Imports. This shipping is for USA! Canada and Overseas contact me to get price!

Import pricing is now listed, price is flexible on some titles. That being said the more imports you buy the better the offer!

Asking Price now lowered to $625 shipped and insured.

Best Wishes, Mike
Thanks to everyone that has made a purchase!

Movies: <> S means SEALED <> O = Opened

Import movies/TV shows with English support: (20 exclusive)<><>
<><> Prices include shipping on Imports <><>

Basic Instinct EU Studio Canal 11/29/2006 Sealed $10

Bleak House UK BBC 2/11/2008 OPEN $10
Bridge to Terabithia, A Italy 9/12/2007 .. Sealed $30
Brothers Grimm Germany 7/28/2006 Sealed $20
Bug Germany Ascot Elite 12/6/2007 Sealed $20
Chronicles of Riddick, JAPAN, SEALED $55
Death Proof Germany Senator Sealed $30
East is East UK film4 3/31/2008 Sealed $20
First Descent Germany Sunfilm 10/26/2007 SEALED $20
Fog, The EU Studio Canal 11/20/2006 SEALED $13

Holiday, The EU/Universal 6/21/2007 SEALED $10
Home of the Brave Holland DFW 2/19/2008 SEALED $20
Hotel Babylon--Series 1 UK 2 Entertain Video 11/12/2007 OPEN $13
Jackal, The Germany Concorde 9/6/2007 SEALED $12
Killing Me Softly Japan Toshiba 12/22/2006 SEALED $60
Last Legion, The Spain DeA Planeta 1/30/2008 OPEN $30
Messengers, The Holland DFW 2/19/2008 SEALED $20
Motorcycle Diaries, The UK film4 3/31/2008 SEALED $20
Mulholland Drive France/UK Studio Canal 5/21/2007 (12/2 Norway)SEALED $25
Planet Earth box set <UK> $15 open
Reign of Fire Japan Toshiba 11/15/2006 SEALED $55
Rescue Dawn Holland DFW 2/19/2008 SEALED $15
Resident Evil Germany $15
Resident Evil Japan $27
Saw Germany Kinowelt 2/8/2008 SEALED $12
Saw III Holland DFW 11/27/2007 SEALED $12
Sconosciuta, La Italy Medusa 12/15/2007 OPEN $30
Sexy Beast UK film4 3/31/2008 SEALED $25
Strip Mind Germany Laser Paradise 1/21/2008 OPEN $13 Stealbook!
Swiadek Koronny (The State Witness) Poland TiM 1/10/2008 SEALED $40
Tideland Germany Concorde 11/5/2007 SEALED $20
Tristan + Isolde Holland DFW 2/19/2008 SEALED $30
Twenty Thousand Streets Under the Sky UK 2 Entertain Video SEALED $20
Underworld Germany $35 SEALED
Underworld Holland $35
Underworld: Evolution Poland/D Open $25
Underworld Evolution Spain Sealed $20
Wish You Were Here Germany Galileo 9/6/2007 SEALED $30
Wolf Creek (UK)(Import) 12/19/2006 SEALED $20
Motorhead_ Stage Fright <Germany> Sealed $20
Robbie Williams __ Live at the Albert <UK> Open $13
Born on the Fourth of July UK Import $5
1408 Dutch Sealed $25

L'Armee Des Ombres .. Open $10
The Curse of the golden Flower <>Polish, OPEN $10
Kirikou <France> Open $10

(31) Other studio's movies: (9 exclusive)
Toto 25th Anivrsary Live Sealed $17
HD Net Volume One Sealed $6

(126) Warner movies: (9 exclusive)
Blade Runner Suitcase SEALED $30
Harry Potter Box set.. Opened... watched each movie once.

I don't have the luxary of waiting for these to sell one at a time. Recent medical report has me counting the days so I am going to give this remaining Imports away to someone whom is willing to buy all at once and they can keep or sell. This transaction must be concluded by 5-23-10 so the can ship not later than 5-24-10. There are a few movies laying around that arent listed here that will be included. Asking Price now lowered to $625 shipped and insured. Payment to be sent Regular paypal! I will send a Paypal invoice with each movie listed so transaction is covered Via Paypal. Will be shipped Ground and Insured!

After the 23rd my Executor will be listing these using my account on The bay and selling them off that way. My Executor will also be listing whats left of my audio gear since I have now sold off almost everything the last 2 months. If I was asked to find and buy your audio gear in the last 3 weeks, all gear is bought and in shipment as I type. Last piece shipped yesterday. I will continue to complete request this week and then I am done! All emails sent to my account will be answered thru my personal email with my Executor's help.

I wish everyone the Best!
Michael J Mc Donald

Sold to :
Jersey Girl JP SOLD TO kdigit0l 2-19-2010 <> SHIPPED<>
Ferrari Fan 1 import/ 1 domestic 2-19-10 <>SHIPPED<>
DC# 03083390000208787970
Sold to joeags ( & dom and 3 imports) 2-19-10 <>SHIPPED<>
DC# 0308 3390 0002 0878 7987
Sold To summerkl (19 Domestics) 2-19-10 Shipping cost $28.75<>SHIPPED<>
Sold to abbazappaplant (5 domestics) 2-19-10 <>SHIPPED<>
Sold to Srinisundar (10) 2-19-10 <>SHIPPED<>
Sold to ajvandenb (4) 2-19-10 <>SHIPPED<>
Sold To MasterX (6) 2-20-10 <> SHIPPED<>
DC# 9102 7850 9140 1409 1089 80
SOLD TO aztek2k3 (3) 2-20-10 <> SHIPPED<> FCM
DC# 9101128882300025371498
Sold to Cochise! (10) <> 2-20-2010 <> SHIPPED<>
dc# 9102150134711067404820
Sold to SmokeyH (22) on 2-20-2010 <> SHIPPED<> Usps priority int mail
DC# CQ003016296US
Sold to springbruce (8) on 2-21-2010 <> Shipped<> USPS Priority INt Mail
Tracking number CQ671090725US
SOLD TO > graz138 < (7) 2-21-10 <> USPS priority mail <> 2-22-10 Shipped!
Sold to Cochise!, (11) Media mail shipped on 2-22-10
Sold to Dmrichar (2) on 2-23-10
Sold to thejnc (7) on 2-24-10 Shipped Media mail
DC# High-Def Digest Forums - Edit Post
Sold to BBDVD (1) on 2-24-10 shipped media Mail
DC# 9102150134711073898705
Sold to mikey_myers138 (2) on 2-24-10 Shipped
DC# 9101128882300030602808
Sold to TeeSam (30+) on 2-26-10 Shipped media mail
DC# 9102785091401419051344
SOLD to mj0012 (4) 3-1-10 Shipped media Mail
DC# 9102150134711079049613
Sold To Leroy R (23) 3-1-10 Shipped Media Mail
DC# 9102150134711079720222
Sold to BBDVD (1) import on 3-1-10 Shipped FCM
9101 1288 8230 0037 4307 32
Sold to sharktooth (1) import 3-4-10
DC # 9101150134711088790446
Sold to Visitant (13) imports 3-7-10 Shipped USPS priority INT mail
DC# CQ339676824US

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Nice collection man. Sorry you have to sell. I will pray for your health dude.
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Interested in:
Clockwork Orange, A
Good Night, and Good Luck
Last Samurai, The
Untouchables, The

Please let me know your price by PM...thanks and hope you get well soon!!
Old 02-18-2010, 03:57 PM
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Pm sent for Jersey Girl.
Old 02-18-2010, 04:06 PM
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Hi Mike, I just sent you a PM. here are the titles I'm intrested in.

Thanks again.

Island, The
Eagles Live

Money sent and bump

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Damn, you worked hard to get to that level over the past few months, so sorry to hear that you are having to deal with medical expenses. I have some interests, but will wait to see what numbers you post.
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Originally Posted by flykmair View Post
First to the mods! Please do not delete my sales ad, as due to my medical issues I can't sit here and complete everything at one time. I am forced to sell everything for medical expenses and over 90 PERCENT of my collection is still sealed. I will put pricing soon,just want to get stuff listed! Thanks Mike
Originally Posted by ericpizzapie View Post
Nice collection man. Sorry you have to sell. I will pray for your health dude.
Same hear. Hope you get the best prices possible for your players & movies to cover those medical expenses, and hope you get well soon.

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Never Mind. I will wait for prices to be posted.
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Some of those were mine

Hope everything goes well, friend.
Old 02-18-2010, 09:31 PM
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OK, enough prices listed, thread open for biz. No disrespect to flykmair - he has an excellent, but limited Feedback here. Just remember that with anyone asking for PP Gift payments, there is no recourse/payment protection with that payment method, so just use common sense, especially with large amounts.

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