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    Default Industry Execs Give Their Thoughts on Netflix

    Some love it, some hate it, others are glad that someone’s buying up the content that nobody else wants.

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    I love my Netflix, if they can really work on becoming an HBO type service with original programming or offering releases quicker for a little more money, I would have no problem paying HBO prices to get newer content quicker, Netflix is amazing for the $8 a month it costs, I never have issues, all my HD streaming looks and sounds great and I cant see myself ever getting rid of it as I use it all the time, its a fantastic value for anyone and I dont know anyone of my friends that doesnt have it

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    Love the story from The Hollywood Reporter, esp. the opening paragraph about the impetus for Netflix, lol. Feelings aside, Netflix and CEO Reed Hastings are a game-changer in the content/streaming/rental media business. Just look at the impact they've made to the B&M Blockbuster and (now-defunct) Movie Gallery/Hollywood Video's of the world. When Hollywood (and their greedy studios) sit up and take notice, no longer able to ignore Netflix's influence, the credit goes to the leadership and management of the company. Respect.
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