I picked up this groovy industrial Pioneer LD-V8000 laserdisc player a few days and and I've been trying to get the thing working.

-- It doesn't have any problems loading and unloading a laserdisc. That function is smooth.
-- Makes loud clicking noise and wouldn't show anything but a Blue Screen when powered on and a disc put in.

I then printed off the 150 page (!!!) manual and found by holding down Display and THEN powering it on it brings up the main menu. It's pretty cool that this model was used mostly for video game arcade cabinets for games like Dragon's Lair and Space Ace!

I did a real quick clean of the scanning lens with a Q-tip and some glass cleaner.
After that it now shows the movie on the screen.

-- The movie skips forward randomly.
-- The audio and video is distorted
-- The loud clicking noise continues and you can actually see metal pieces underneath the disk shaking. Though it doesn't seem to stop the disc from playing or anything.

Anybody got any ideas or can direct me to somebody who might know? Thanks!


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