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Old 11-27-2007, 01:12 AM
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I would definitely call myself a collector, but I'm trying to get smarter about it. On SDVD I probably bought 200 movies that I watched only once. On HDM, I really trying to confine myself to movies I know I like to pick up and watch once in a while (even if it's only once every year or so).

I think it's probably a struggle for many of us early adopters; we're probably the most impassioned movie lovers.
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Old 11-28-2007, 11:23 AM
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Default My collection mania!

Originally Posted by bone crusher View Post
I must acknowledge that for me and I thik many other that collecting movies on dvd and now hidef is a bit of a disease after a while.
I find myself thinking of what movies to seek out to buy. That is the wrong idea right there. The movies that are truly great that appeal to me should seek me out, not the other way around. Spending so much money on movies that will only ever be watched once is just stupid. I could rent the movie three times or more and it would still be cheaper than buying it.
I think what is needed is a sort of state of mind when buying a movie and you should ask yourself how many times you will actually watch the movie. I mean the other day I practically talked myself into buying Ratatouille. Am I crazy??? Why should I have to talk myself into getting it? If I really wanted it it should have been an easy decision. But no, I made myself believe I needed it based on all the reviews and hype. Yet I have no urge to throw it in my BD player and actually watch it.
How many other people make movie buying hard on themselves for no apparent reason? Like we make ourselves believe that actually NEED to own something?
Collectors and collecting. Disease? That might be a bit harsh. Compulsion? Obsession? Each of those terms would fit some of us, I'm sure. I am an unabashed collector: Books, music, movies, video games are always going on, and at various times I have collected baseball cards, comic books, action figures and bar glassware. It's how I spend my money. I do enjoy going out and having a beer with friends, but rarely run up any sort of big tab, and I don't gamble beyond penny ante stuff. Modest automobile, nice but not lavish trappings in our abode...
Movies and music are the ones which have the greatest pull for me, as they combine my love of the art (and pop culture) with my collection bug...
Oh, and Ratatouille... We've only had it about 10 days and it's already our most watched BD (The boy loves it and I don't mind rewatching it time and again, as I do so many of his choices...)

Originally Posted by Markers View Post
I think I am what you call a movie collector. But I want quality movies (movies I like) and not just every crap. I find people with collections of 4000 dvds quite interesting...because I would never find enough discs for that...Why should I own a movie I never watch.
A movie collection is DEFINITELY worth owning...but not every movie/TV-Series should deserve entry in the collection
Being one of those 4000 guys, I do see what you mean. A large portion of my collection will never achieve its true "value" based on times watched. I guess it all depends on how you view your collection. For me, the appeal has always been to own my own "library" of films, which I can then access at any time of the day or night as the mood hits me. The value to me then lies in the title's availability. I also derive great pleasure from having others over and using the movies as a video "store" from which to choose the evening's viewing. I was never much for renting after the VHS days ended, although I did occasionally do so. Now that I'm living in Europe, my rental options are severely stunted anyways... No netflix, etc, to choose from...

Originally Posted by BambooLounge View Post
I fall into the "refined collector" category. As in I am definately a collector as I do not rent and have a compulsion to own the discs. But, I do not need to run out and buy new releases or even every single Criterion just b/c it is a Criterion. I latch on to particular directors or countries whose films I want to watch and go into buying trends where I buy many films with something in common at one time. Granted my viewing trends can never keep up, but I don't mind building a library of films all of which I know I will eventually watch. I like it that depending on my mood I can grab a guilty pleasure like Zoolander or a silent film I have never seen before off my shelf at a moment's notice.

If I ever talk myself into a purchase it is generally because of something I see in the Bargains forum, but even then, I wouldn't buy a movie I know I dislike (300) or would dislike(dir. by Michael Bay) even if it cost next to nothing (hypothetically speaking, since resale/trade-in value would dictate otherwise).
This sounds a lot like my own process. It sounds silly, having as many titles as I do, but I really don't buy just anything. There are well over 75,000 titles out on SD, last I heard. When I was really into my library building phase, I would go through the new additions on DVD Empire pretty regularly and add everything to my wish list that struck my fancy, afterwards purchasing a portion of those on the list. Still, it would be in the neighborhood of 10-20% of the newest listings which struck my fancy on the best of days, and nothing at all on others. I have lots of blind buys, many of which weren't so hot. But some were incredible. Every new film experience is a blind buy-in of some sort, either through a trip to the theater or a rental or a purchase.
And I know how some guys are like, "I get tired of movies, so I never watch one very often, so I never buy them." That actually makes a lot of sense to me in some respects. I can't watch the same stuff over and over either. And that is exactly why my collection is so big. So I don't have to. I can watch new or different things all the time, and I really never get tired of a movie the way that I did back in my "watch whatever crap is on cable" days.
Lastly, knowing that I would be moving to Austria at some point to be near the wife's family had an influence on my purchasing. I wanted to have my film collection up and ready to go prior to the move.

Wow, that was a long answer...
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