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I think we're probably looking at the console generation winding down now. It wouldn't surprise me much if we only get two more years--if that--out of the current generation and Sony and/or Microsoft announce new machines for 2020, or even 2019, though I'd imagine they want to milk the Pro/Xbox One X for a couple of years at least.
Given the costs associated with launching a new console generation (Billions of dollars), I don't think either of them want to gamble again for 5 years, if they can get away with pushing the existing hardware. I think they want to milk this generation for as long as possible and will only draw that line in the sand when they start to see software sales decline. I think these premium consoles are really just their way of etching out another 8 year lifespan for these machines. I don't think we will see the next generation until 2020 or 2021.