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Old 05-28-2019, 05:45 PM
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Originally Posted by DaveS1138 View Post
EDIT : Also what the hell is going on with Amazon shipping video games these days. I pre-ordered Blood and Truth from them for the $8 off and it still doesn't have a shipping date even though it comes out today. Didn't they used to do release date shipping?
I have to admit, especially for VR games, I'm surprised you're still buying physical discs. It's pretty clunky having to take the headset on and off to swap out discs for new games.

I'm also surprised to hear about your Amazon woes. What you described has been happening with Amazon Canada for a while now, to the point where most gamers here just don't bother pre-ordering with Amazon if they want to play it on day one. Amazon almost never delivers that stuff on time anymore here, so you're better off buying a copy in a store, or just going digital if speed is of the essence.

The game is pretty cool though. I've already Lived The Dream, and shot up a night club while scratching vinyl in the DJ booth at the same time.
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Old 05-28-2019, 08:43 PM
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For VR I almost always buy digital precisely because I donít want to get out of the headset to change discs.
but in this case I was doing a favor for a friend who wanted to play this but hasnít had the budget to buy games for a while
Im going to let him borrow the disc so he can play through. I wish Sony had some way to loan digital copies.

Also. Just to get back to the Quest.
I take my daughter to swim practice and used to just sit in the car watching movies on my Vita. Today I got to sit in my car watching a movie on a massive 3D imax screen in VR. And it was FANTASTIC
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Old 05-31-2019, 05:45 AM
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Default Virtual Reality

Logitech today revealed the Virtual Reality Ink'Pilot Edition', a stylus constructed for art and design in Virtual Reality. Constructed with Steam Virtual Reality Tracking technician, the stylus works similarly to a normal Steam Virtual Reality control, but affords the natural precision which accompanies precise finger control. While it works well for drawing in the atmosphere, a pressure-sensitive tip makes it great for drawing (and potentially evening composing ) against a concrete surface.
Aimed toward enterprises utilizing Virtual Reality to digital design workflows, Logitech states that it intends to deliver the Virtual Reality Ink stylus to market in the near future. For your company, today's announcement of the'Pilot Edition' is all about getting the word out and soliciting interest from firms who want to use or incorporate apps together with the Virtual Reality Ink stylus.

I received a hands on demo of the Virtual Reality Ink Pilot Edition and came away suitably impressed with what Logitech has put together, both in functionality and performance.

Though it's'only' a stylus, the Virtual Reality Ink includes a surprising number of controls built right in. On either side where you hold the stylus are two grip pads which can be squeezed as a form of input. On top in which your index finger rests is a pressure sensitive button in the front, an oval-shaped trackpad/button in the center, and a smaller menu button in the back. There's also onboard haptics, and also the end of the stylus includes a pressure-sensitive tip which enables for pressure-sensitive writing against bodily surfaces.
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Old 05-31-2019, 01:42 PM
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That'll do ad-bot.

That'll do.
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Old 06-25-2019, 10:47 AM
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Just a heads up to anybody with ĎMossí on any headsets thatís not the Quest.
The free extra level that they added for the Oculus Quest launch is coming to all the other versions today.
I got Moss on PSVR so Iíve been really looking forward to this. For anybody that hasnít tried it imo itís a really good game
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